Sonic gets his own movie…and it might suck

sonic the hedgehog

That certainly looks like an acting face.

The internet is ablaze with the news that Sonic the Hedgehog will be getting his own movie, which will be released by Sony Pictures. The project is being taken up by Hollywood producer Neal Mortz, the producer of 22 Jump Street, and is reported to be a live-action/animated hybrid, kind of like Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.

As a Sonic fan, I can’t help but take notice, but there’s one thing I’m sure of – it’s going to suck. What I said in the first paragraph, sadly, is all we know about the movie, but I’m absolutely sure it’s going to suck.

Before you say that I’m being presumptuous, let me remind you that Hollywood films based on video games have never been good. Sonic isn’t even the first of gaming’s many mascots to receive his own film. I hope nobody forgot about the Super Mario Bros. movie, which I’m sure everyone agrees was an abomination. That being said, what makes people think this movie will be any different?

Also, this sounds like it’s going to be made the way you’d expect Hollywood to make it. It’s probably going to have a bloated special effects budget, but with little effort going towards the plot or the characters. If I’m right, it’ll be almost exactly like what happened with Transformers.

megan fox

Let’s just hope that they don’t have to resort to the next Megan Fox.

I can’t help but think that this has got to be the next logical step in the downward spiral of the Sonic franchise. For nearly a decade, the blue blur has been on life support, with a mixed bag of good and bad Sonic games, with Sonic Lost World standing out as a disappointment.

At the rate Sonic’s been going, the franchise seems to be surviving on fame and merchandise alone. If Sonic’s getting his own movie, what’s the chance that he’ll fail? Will Sonic’s Hollywood movie be the undoing of the franchise? From an artistic standpoint, it might be, but outside that, Sonic might not be completely doomed.

Yes, it will mean that the Sonic franchise has officially sold out to Hollywood, and I’m sure that the movie will suck, but it might not mean the end of the franchise in the strictest sense. After all, every game franchise that got its own movie has still continued after the movie was released. For example, Final Fantasy still gets a second chance even after Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and that movie was simply awful.

final fantasy the spirits within

Did that have anything to do with Final Fantasy? Absolutely not.

Besides, I’ve been a Sonic fan ever since I was very young, which means I’m going to see it anyway, though mainly to see just how bad it could be.

It might be a long time until the film gets released, but it’s not too early to start speculating. How well will it perform in the box office? Only time will tell, but if one thing is certain, it’s that Sonic is way past the height of his popularity, and I highly doubt that the movie will do anything to bring him back to his glory days.


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