What about Nintendo?


Has everyone been forgetting about them?

The eighth generation is fully under way, with the PS4 and Xbox One consoles competing for your attention and money, but with E3 coming up pretty soon, I’d like to ask one question. Has everyone forgotten about Nintendo?

To be fair, this hasn’t been a good decade for Nintendo. Classic Nintendo franchises are either being ignored or slowly phased out, all while gaming culture is being dominated by the EA sports games, the Call of Duty games, and the cliché survival horror games, none of which seem to have any of the originality that games had before the year 2000. Amidst all this, the Wii U is constantly treated as an inferior console, even though its competitors have only been in the market for over half a year.

I’ve always supported Nintendo ever since I was a little kid, so I’m tired Nintendo being cast in the shadow of Sony and Microsoft just they don’t do things the same way. Are Nintendo gamers like me being reduced to a dying breed?

Many gaming journalists now have a pessimistic attitude towards Nintendo as they bow sycophantically to its competitors, and that’s if they aren’t focusing their energies on PC gaming. As for anyone who says the Wii U is inferior, have they actually tried the Wii U for themselves? At least I’ve played a demo of the Wii U. All most people seem to do is judge by comparison. If you prefer the PS4 or the Xbox One, that’s fine. Just don’t look down those who prefer the Wii U.

Besides, it’s actually way too early to start proclaiming the PS4 or the Xbox One as the superior console. Only 252 games have been confirmed for the PS4 so far, and of them, only 80 have been released. The Xbox One has even less to offer, with only 174 confirmed titles, of which only 42 have been released. The Wii U, though it might not have a lot of support from third-party companies, has been on the market for longer than its competitors. Therefore, it has more games. The Wii U has 327 confirmed titles, and of them, I think about 123 have been released in Europe alone.

I personally want to get the Wii U, mainly because Nintendo is nice enough to allow you to transfer all the save data on your Wii console over to the Wii U, effectively making the Wii useless. Also, it’s much cheaper than its competitors, which in this economy would make the Wii U a much more likely choice anyway.

Maybe the Wii U is basically like the Gamecube, in that it’s actually really good, but won’t sell as well as its competitors. If I’m right, then the Wii U is probably going to have some really good games coming for it, and with E3 on the way, that might not an overstatement.

I’m not saying that the PS4 and Xbox One are basically all show and no substance. After all, the PS4 does have a lot to offer, and the Xbox One definitely tries. However, I’d rather have a console that actually focuses on the games, and thankfully, games are firmly on Nintendo’s mind.

In conclusion, before you just blindly hop on the bandwagon of hatred towards the Wii U, remember that Nintendo will always find a way to turn things around. If Microsoft can get the public back on their side by making the Kinect sensor optional, then Nintendo surely has a way to make things better for the Wii U. All we have to do is wait, and give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt.


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