Why I’m tired of Anger Management

anger management

Trust me, it’s actually very disappointing.

After Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half Men in 2011, Hollywood decided that they needed a new show for Charlie’s face to be all over, and thus the sitcom Anger Management was born in 2012. Back then, I was honestly dumb enough to believe that it would actually be enjoyable in the long run, but unfortunately, like with Two and Half Men, Charlie Sheen was the only reason that show even looked good.

Even though there may be a few good episodes, much of the show is so-so at best, and putrid at worst. Once you look past Charlie Sheen, you’ll find what is basically another tedious sitcom, with stereotypical characters (complete with tan) in stereotypical LA setting that almost universally revolves around sex. It’s literally no different to what Two and a Half Men may as well have become by the time Charlie Sheen left the show.

When Anger Management came to the UK, I used to watch it regularly. However, as the weeks passed, I got bored with the show following the same damn formula. One thing that really annoys me now, however, is how Comedy Central keeps aggressively promoting the show. Now, I only go to Comedy Central to watch South Park, and during the ad breaks, I always see an ad for Anger Management, but it’s been the same damn ad for a few weeks. When will it end?

If that’s not enough, the second season isn’t even over, the show is already in its zombie years. Someone apparently thought it was a good idea to make season 2 last for 90 episodes, and of those episodes, only 62 have aired in America, so if you can’t stand Anger Management, you’ve unfortunately got a long wait ahead.

If it’s any consolation, I highly doubt that the show will last very long. I took a good look at the ratings for the show, and since its launch date, the ratings could only dwindle. The overlong second season has gotten worse ratings than The Simpsons, proving beyond any shred of a doubt that these LA sitcoms are really getting tired.

Hopefully, the show’s 100th episode will be its last, and Charlie Sheen can enjoy a nice retirement from there on out, since his career has only gone downhill since Two and a Half Men.

UPDATE: It has recently come to my attention that the 100th episode of Anger Management turned out to be the last episode after all. The show got cancelled on December 22nd 2014, after all 90 episodes of the show’s second season were aired. It’s almost as though I predicted that would happen, but then again, sitcoms are highly predictable.


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