Why do people care how celebrities look?

It seems as though I can’t go anywhere without some news outlet going on about celebrities. Worse still, we have media outlets who make it they’re business to give a damn about how celebrities look. I’ve got a good question for the world: why does it matter? Are we so lacking in collective self-esteem that we must compare ourselves to the stars we’ve created?

I think it’s also worth noticing that much of this is aimed at female celebrities.


How are we even sure that looks real?

Most celebrities don’t really earn their status, getting far based solely on looks, and not on any talent or worth whatsoever (since most have none). Regardless of how they got there, once they reach this status, image becomes the most important thing in their lives.

Celebrities wind up thinking they have to look better than they think they do because they’re being watched, both literally and metaphorically. This is why they have personal stylists, trainers, and assistants. They’re basically just players in the game of distracting the masses with their artificial looks.

Perhaps the saddest part is the fact that we’re bowing down and worshipping what are ultimately artificial bodies, while undermining, or perhaps even shaming they way we really look. The celebrity look can only be the result of artificial design, because most people fail when they try to actually emulate the look. Is it remotely possible that these celebrities look no better than any of us?

Such an idea would make sense, since pretty much all celebrities are just normal people before they achieve their status. However, this raises another question. Why aren’t we encouraging people to embrace the way they look, rather than pushing people to be who they aren’t?

Perhaps we only care how celebrities look because we hold them to a different standards, or partly because we secretly like to make them suffer because they have the things we don’t have. But then again, I say “we” a lot, but does anyone truly care? If not, then that’s more reassuring then I might realize.


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