If Child of Light is just the beginning…

child of light

…then we’re clearly in for something bigger than that.

It’s a widely believed idea that major publishers hate originality. If that were true, then Ubisoft would never have embraced Child of Light. The game had no interference from Ubisoft, who apparently believed in the vision of the developers. If I told you that Child of Light was just the beginning, would you believe me?

Apparently, the writer behind Child of Light, Jeffrey Yohalem, is interested in continuing the journey of Lemuria, implying that there’s more to the game than those of us who’ve played the game have seen.

The modern fairy tale we call Child of Light has proven itself to be a smashing success, earning rave reviews from major video game critics, and generally striking a chord with gamers looking for something new and original. If Ubisoft can see the trend, then it’s only natural that we’ll see a Child of Light sequel coming fairly soon.

There is an ample amount of evidence to support this claim. For instance, the map of Lemuria mentions an “Isle of Neredia”, but you can’t access it because it isn’t relevant to the plot, coupled with the fact that you generally traverse through Lemuria in a linear fashion. Could the Isle of Neredia be part of an expanded section of Lemuria that remains to be seen?

Also, if you actually read the confessions (those notes that you collect throughout the game), then you’ll notice that half of them are from the viewpoint of a girl named Sophie Ashton Ellis, a girl who appears nowhere in the actual game. These notes mention the girl entering Lemuria and going on an adventure. Are they referencing future events? Who is this Sophie Aston Ellis, and what does she have to do with the possibility of a sequel?

If Jeffrey Yohalem is preparing for a Child of Light sequel, then we probably won’t know about it for quite a while. Until Ubisoft actually confirms a Child of Light sequel, we can only really use our imagination to try and piece together what could come next.

Whatever it turns out to be, if there is a Child of Light sequel, then I’m certainly going to be interested. After all, Child of Light was a great game, though there are plenty of elements that are ripe for expanding upon in a sequel. Let’s hope that game turns out to be just as good.


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