We have laws because we’re still dumb

It’s generally believed that laws exist to ensure society can work properly, while some believe that laws don’t exist for any real reason, and that we don’t need them at all. The truth is that we do need laws, but only because mankind is currently too stupid to regulate itself. This, of course, leaves us open to exploitation at the hands of those who seek only to control us, so they can make money off of us.


These sheep should illustrate the point.

I think the concept of law only came up during the advent of civilization, when man began separating himself from nature and built settlements all over the land. When civilization came, so did our perspectives of “right” and “wrong”, later romanticized as “good” and “evil”. People tend to believe that without laws, there is no morality, which is about as stupid as saying that without God there is no morality.

Some even question if the law really exists. This kind of question makes sense, since, as far as we’re concerned, we’re the first and only sentient creatures. Law is a concept created by people. It has no power unless we decide as a species that it does. Governments, therefore, exist to demonstrate the idea that laws are more than just the paper they’re written on. Unfortunately, that power can be used for anything, and it’s very easy for government officials to break those rules, simply because they don’t believe that certain laws apply to them.

We’ve often glamorized the law, but we’ve simultaneously vilified it as well, if mainly because people want to hear an entertaining story. You could say that having laws is the price of security, but what kind of price is that? You could also say that the innocent have nothing to fear, but to what extent is this true? In lieu of thousands of years of regulation by those with an ulterior motive, it has always been mankind’s dream to regulate himself. If we’re capable of doing anything in this world, what’s stopping us from being able to regulate ourselves?

I think the one thing that has kept us from the path of self-regulation is merely the fact that we’ve been conditioned to believe that the law has a purpose, and that it is all-powerful. Since we have been taught that the law is this objective concept that must be followed, our brains (which are still technically stuck in the Stone Age) compute obeying the law as a means of survival. To put it in another way, we believe in laws because we haven’t known any other way.

Due to being passed down through generations as though it were a tradition, the idea of law has become one of the oldest paradigms still present in our society. This immense power over the collective psyche is what prevents mankind from taking the next step in the progress of our species: self-rule.

However, this completely ignores the possibility of rebellion. Rebellion exists because we’re still human, and it’s because we’re human that we eventually grow tired of certain laws, especially when certain laws that are conceived go too far, or are just plain stupid to begin with. I think that the concept of law hasn’t been completely ingrained, since it is also a human instinct to try and find a way around the law. This is why black markets and smuggling rings exist, and they succeed because the people behind them are clever enough to stay under the radar.

In conclusion, the law survives because we are taught to accept it as a fact. However, once the concept of self-rule has been developed in a manner that it can be passed down through generations to come, we may be able to reverse this paradigm, hopefully achieving true freedom for the first time in human history, where we know for ourselves what’s wrong or right.


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