Tyger’s bid for attention

Many child actors are only famous for a short while until they get older, and therefore become less profitable for studios, due mainly to the fact that “they aren’t cute anymore”. Tonight, Tyger Drew-Honey tries to establish himself as more than the child actor from the sitcom barely anyone my age cares about, but in the process, he’s turning into just another media whore seeking attention. If what I just said wasn’t obvious enough, I’m talking about his trashy new documentary series, which starts tonight with Tyger Takes on Porn.

tyger drew-honey

He actually looks quite wasted in this photo.

Apparently Tyger Drew-Honey decided that the best place for him to start being taken seriously is on a trashy BBC Three documentary where he tries (and presumably fails) to explore issues that the producers think are affecting young people, starting with some preachy diatribe about porn. It’s basically Jameela Jamil all over again.

For me, it’s pretty obvious what this is. Tyger Drew-Honey used to be one of the stars of Outnumbered, a British sitcom that was apparently popular, and now that the show’s finished, he’s obviously not that much of a star anymore, he’s looking for a way to stay famous, and we all know that there’s no low that people like him won’t sink for fame.

The big problem is that he’s aligning himself with a channel whose producers make it their mission to make young people think porn is bad. In this sense, BBC Three as a corporate body is nothing more than a bunch of cynical cheerleaders of conformity whose sole purpose is to make sure that young people grow up stupid.

Tyger seems to have been bought by the myth that the fantasy of porn can actually impact our view of sex. If it has any impact on anyone aside from sexual stimulation, it’s because those people are so stupid that they have no distinction between fantasy and reality.

For me, he doesn’t really have much of a right to badmouth porn, considering that his parents are themselves porn stars, and I think they’d actually be more likely to defend the porn industry, unless they got guilt-tripped by their son.

Of course, Tyger isn’t the only one I should be talking about here. I think it’s pretty fair to point some fingers at the show’s producers at BBC Three, who have recently been pretty insistent on the whole “porn is bad” train of thought. Seriously, when did porn suddenly start become a bad thing in the eyes of the very same people who are more likely to think of it as a good thing? When did hypocrisy and self-denial suddenly get so popular?

In conclusion, Tyger has basically turned into nothing but a media whore seeking attention, but he’s being used as a tool by BBC Three to promote the myth that porn is automatically bad. I have no idea how these people sleep at night knowing this, but it’s pretty clear that they have no real sense of right and wrong if they go about their days telling people what’s good or bad as though it’s etched in stone. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that people like him were holding back the progress of mankind all along.


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