How to avoid feeling like a corporate drone

corporate drones

Even this image is grey, much like a drone.

Last Wednesday, I had to go look for clothes to wear at my cousin’s wedding, but the one major obstacle is the fact that wearing a suit will inevitably make me feel like a corporate sell-out. I’m a boy who likes to stick to his principles as much as I can, and I think that proudly wearing a suit is a sign that you’re a corporate drone.

When I tried on the fancy pants and shirt, one word instantly came to my mind: yuppie. Yuppies are basically those rich young snobs who make it their mission to rub their success in your face whenever possible, and look down on anyone who isn’t as rich as them. Of course, they got that far by selling out to the system.

Therein lies the problem: I’m sure that in my cousin’s wedding, I have to were fancy clothes like that (probably because it’s a traditional wedding), but I don’t want to feel like I’m a yuppie who traded his beliefs and values for success.

Thankfully, I found a way around this. All I had to do was find a blazer that didn’t completely match. Of course, my mom would say it looked like an “old man’s blazer”, but for me, it’s a lot better than looking like a trendy sell-out.

paco rabanne

What he’s really saying is “don’t look at my penis”.

In addition to that blazer, I went for a bright red tie, at which point I figured out that I could attach some deeper meaning to the entire combination. The red tie is brighter than anything else, and would cover the chest. Therefore, that tie would resemble the heart and soul that still lives inside anyone who yearns to fly out of his/her rut.

It’s basically a way of standing out from the crowd, and hopefully it work in such a way that, if people are smart enough, they’ll get it. It’s a way of wearing fancy clothes without feeling like I’ve sold out to the man. Best of all, you can do this with any clothes store that sells blazers, ties, and any other components that make up a suit.


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