The city versus the community

A few days ago, my Mom told me the difference between a city and a community. In a community, by which I mean a rural area, people know about each other. Everyone know’s how everyone is, and if someone died, people would know, maybe even care. In a city, nobody seems to talk to each other unless they’re part of they’re clique. At least that’s what I’ve heard.


Looks can be very deceptive in a land where time is money.

I’m not entirely sure about it, but I think my Mom knows what she’s talking about. Back in the 1980’s, she was a police officer who worked all the way in England. Of course, everyone knows that the England of 30 years ago was quite a different place to the England of today. We had an economic crisis, a miner’s strike, a war against the Falklands, and an iron lady whose arrogant convictions doomed the land.

In the old days, people in both cities and communities would have eggs and milk delivered to their doorsteps. If the milkman passed by a house where the milk wasn’t taken in from the doorstep, he would look to see why. If an old man died, the milkman would know. Nowadays, in a city, the only way people would know is if the window had been surrounded by flies, because people in cities generally keep to themselves, and anyone they know.

The government seems to be slanted against the small communities, and I say this because the government doesn’t appear to care anymore. At one point, they even considered cutting funds from local government.

My Mom also believes that without the smaller communities, you don’t have society as we know it. If that’s true, let me ask one question: what would the government have to gain from dismantling the small community as we know it? Is it to do with modernity? Are they trying to make their jobs more cost-effective?

I think I speak for everyone when I say that there’s nothing wrong with the small community. Sure, many of us have simpler values, but the important thing is we actually care about what goes on around us. Besides, city life isn’t for everyone, and there simply isn’t enough land for every settlement to be a city, and there never will be.

My central argument is this: why devalue something that has been here since time immemorial? If you ask me, I’d much rather live in a town than a big city, because in the end, what are all pleasures of the city even worth compared to your roots?


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