We are not separate from nature

man, woman and nature

“Man, Woman and Nature” by Saresh Sharma

There once was a time were mankind lived with nature, instead of seeking to control it. However, this mutual relationship with nature came to an end during the advent of civilization. When the Pagan countries of Europe were taken over and converted to Christianity, their relationship with nature was forcibly terminated, because Christianity was encouraging people to separate themselves from nature.

It’s a common misconception that humans are separate from animals, and it’s so widely believed that it’s gotten to the point that the word “animal” is often used in a negative context to describe people who behave in a manner perceived as being like a wild animal.

The people who believe this are only half-right, in that we are only separate from the animal world because we believe that we are. Any scientist will tell you that humans are a part of the animal kingdom. and that we evolved from apes, which themselves evolved from a plethora of different prehistoric animals.

mrs garrison explains evolution

Well, not really like that, but there you go.

Call me crazy, but it seems like technology just makes it easier for idiots to think that we’re separate from the natural world. If we are separate from the natural world, then that would imply that the natural world and the civilization that we’ve created are two distinct worlds.

To be honest, that would actually make a lot of sense. If the two worlds were distinct, then the natural world would be a beautiful, colourful world where anything goes, while civilization would be a dark, dreary, automated world where our lives are run on a rigid order where we all die of stagnation.

I think the arrogant, self-imposed separation between man and nature didn’t truly begin until the Industrial Revolution. When the Industrial Revolution started, human settlements began to expand, consuming and polluting more and more of the planet, all while the overall population began to grow. The Industrial Revolution was basically the equivalent of your teenage son giving the Earth a middle finger.

Of course, our attitudes exactly better after we realized we were polluting the planet. Afterwards, we began thinking that the planet is something so vulnerable that it was everyone’s responsibility to save, and apparently Michael Jackson thought felt the need to preach about the environment through song, complete with a music video that ends with people joining hands to summon a force that “heals the world”.

michael jackson earth song

All while passing himself off as a woman.

Of course, none of this would have happened if we didn’t start lifting ourselves above nature to begin with. By doing so, our ancestors began thinking it was okay to tame nature, rather than live in harmony with it.

Our attempt to try and tame the natural world might also explain the Christian repression of all things sexual. After all, a thousand years of repressing human urges will only make them stronger. It’s not just about sex. I also think that it’s pointless to try and separate ourselves from nature because it’s just keeping people from being themselves, which is simply wrong.

In conclusion, I think that the only reason many of us view the natural world as something separate from humanity is because generations of indoctrination have brought us up to believe it. The sooner we stop believing it, the sooner we’ll realize that we still live in the natural world, and that we’ll remember to important rules.

  1. The rules of nature still apply.
  2. We don’t get anything for nothing.

One thought on “We are not separate from nature

  1. While our separation from the natural faiths is a characteristic result of the Abrahamic faith (such as Christianity), remember that this was true of the Romans too. They thought that in their civilization they could control the forces of nature. In fact, have you heard of Gobekli Tepe? Images in the temple have been attributed to the same belief that Man was above Nature, thus we can see this is an ignorance that started with the rise of civilization.

    Not that it matters though, for sooner or later mankind eventually realizes that he is not really separate from the womb that spawned him. Though we are undeniably blessed with an individuated existence, our roots are still in Nature, and we are inexorably forged from Nature’s womb, thus our link to nature.

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