My Top 5 favourite Pokémon (from Diamond/Pearl)

pokemon diamond and pearl

As you can probably tell, I’m planning to cap off the month with Top 5 Pokémon lists for each generation. So today, let’s focus on Generation IV, which I think is the last truly great generation.

Most importantly, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were the last Pokémon games to be released during my childhood. I was 13 when the games came out, but my love of Pokémon remained the same. Back in 2007, I spent my whole summer playing Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and all the time I put into it was definitely worth it.

I’ll admit that many of the best Pokémon were basically new evolutions to old Pokémon, but many fourth-generation Pokémon are really good. I’m here to present the best examples.

#5 – Floatzel


I don’t remember why I picked Floatzel as my Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond, but what I know is that it kicks some serious ass.

I’m actually surprised about how powerful Floatzel can be due to its low defensive stats. It may sound strange, but this Pokémon has actually managed to win many battles when I play the game with it, hence my contemporary nickname “Floatzel, the Ass-kicker”.

There are many reasons why it earns this nickname, including the time when I was 13 when, at level 55, my Floatzel was able to knock out Cynthia’s Garchomp, which was level 66, with only a single hit from Ice Beam. I knew that Garchomp is extremely weak to Ice, but I was still amazed that Floatzel could even go first. That’s proof enough that it at least deserves the number 5 spot, if mainly due to that feat of bravery and heroism in the Pokémon League.

#4 – Magmortar


When I heard that Magmar, one of my favourite Fire-type Pokémon from the classic generation, was getting a new, more powerful evolution, I was stoked. When I finally got to use it, I wasn’t disappointed.

I used this thing in Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon Black 2, and in both cases, Magmortar is an awesome special sweeper that shows no mercy. The first time I used it, I was immediately impressed by its Special Attack stat, which made it ideal against a variety of enemies.

Whenever I used it, I would have it learn both Flamethrower and Thunderbolt just for its own sake, and because its Special Attack stat is highly supportive of this. Think of Magmortar as like a black mage for your party. You may as well, because it certainly looks like one.

I don’t get why they didn’t include this is the Kalos Pokédex. If they did, it would have made my life a lot easier. I would probably have kicked more ass in Pokémon X and Y if Magmortar were in the Kalos Pokédex.

Regardless, Magmortar was and still is an awesome improvement over an already great Pokémon.

#3 – Luxray


This badass electric lion has been with me since the beginning of Pokémon Diamond. It may not be the fastest Electric-type out there, but it looks and is totally cool.

If you’re playing Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, don’t be tempted by some of the other choices (unless its Raichu, in which case I don’t blame you), because Luxray is the best choice as far as Electric-types are concerned. It’s stats are fairly balanced, but its offensive stats are very good. It’s special attack is high enough that it’s ideal for using Thunderbolt, though it’s physical attack is even higher, so moves like Crunch are a must for anyone using Luxray.

The only problem I have is that it doesn’t have a good variety of moves it can learn by level up. Most of the moves it learns by level up are Electric-type moves. However, it can learn Crunch naturally, and if you can find TMs that would suit it, you can make up for it.

Luxray is one of the best Electric-type Pokémon out there, so if you see Shinx, catch it, and evolve it. You won’t regret it.

#2 – Lucario


Lucario is definitely one of the most popular fourth-generation Pokémon, to the point that they made him a playable character is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Honestly, I can totally see why this is a popular Pokémon.

Lucario’s design is based off the Egyptian god Anubis, a jackal-headed god who judged the hearts of deceased souls entering the afterlife based on their actions in the previous world. Likewise, Lucario can sense the aura of all things. It’s primary attack, Aura Sphere, lets loose the aura within Lucario and is very powerful in the right hands.

With this in mind, I must wonder why they didn’t make it a Fighting/Psychic type. I think that would have made more sense because Lucario seems to be a very spiritual Pokémon. Also, it would mean that Lucario wouldn’t be weak to its most famous move, which happens to be a Fighting-type move.

In combat, Lucario is very powerful. It’s one of the few Fighting-type Pokémon with a high Special Attack stat, keeping in mind that Fighting is a predominantly physical type. It’s stats are distributed very well, and its Mega Evolution is clearly broken, due to the fact that its ability allows same type moves to deal twice as much damage as normal.

Of course, the biggest reason why I like Lucario is because of the variety of moves it can learn by level up and TMs. This makes it useful against almost any type of Pokémon, whether you’re using Dark Pulse to take out ghosts, or using Dragon Pulse to take out dragons.

#1 – Infernape


In Pokémon Diamond, my starter choice was actually quite easy for a change, and in my opinion, Infernape is simply better than the other starters, even if it has weaker offensive stats than Blaziken.

Infernape is able to take down the other starters mainly because it’s faster than the other starters. Torterra is painfully (but logically) slow, and is weak to Fire anyway, but Empoleon is weak to Infernape’s secondary type, and even if it can manage to land a hit from one of its Water-type attacks, Empoleon is almost as slow as Torterra, meaning it will get taken out faster if you use Close Combat.

Yes, Infernape continues the trend of Fire/Fighting starter Pokémon from Generation III, and I’m aware that Infernape is nowhere near as good as Blaziken (the best), but I like Infernape a lot. In Pokémon Diamond, Infernape was an extremely useful ally during the main game, for that reason, and because of how generally cool it is, this Pokémon gets the number one spot.

Honourable mentions

  • Honchkrow
  • Skuntank
  • Bronzong
  • Staraptor
  • Torterra
  • Roserade
  • Rampardos
  • Ambipom
  • Drifblim
  • Mismagius
  • Garchomp
  • Drapion
  • Spiritomb
  • Hippowdon
  • Abomasnow
  • Weavile
  • Gallade
  • Dialga
  • Palkia
  • Giratina
  • Heatran
  • Cresselia
  • Darkrai
  • Leafeon
  • Glaceon
  • Togekiss
  • Yanmega
  • Electivire
  • Uxie
  • Mesprit
  • Azelf
  • Rhyperior
  • Mamoswine
  • Porygon-Z

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