Is there a bright future for Castlevania?

castlevania lords of shadow 2

I remember back in June when I said that I was looking forward to playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Last weekend, I actually finished the game (which I got on the day it came out), and it was actually a satisfying feeling, though mainly because it means I don’t have to feel obligated to play the first Lords of Shadow game.

Of course, since Lords of Shadow 2 is the last in its trilogy, I think this will be the point where Konami will finally start making classic-style Castlevania games again.

Think about it for a moment. The biggest reason Konami wanted to reboot the franchise was because Castlevania Judgment got poor sales and bad reviews from pretty much everyone (including me). When they released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in 2010, they pretty much pissed off their loyal fans, who’ve had to put up with them for over 20 years. Granted, the Lords of Shadow trilogy has its own independent timeline, so things aren’t completely horrible, but I can see why the fans would be angry.

Also, for Lords of Shadow, Konami and MercurySteam resorted to “borrow” elements from other action games. The sequel improved over the gameplay significantly, but it still felt like a modern action game, just with annoyingly arbitrary stealth sections.

With all that in mind, I think it’s time to ask the big question: what’s next?

We all know that they won’t make a Lords of Shadow 3, which would be ridiculous because they already wrapped up the storyline. I think they should make a Castlevania game that the fans will actually want.

I’m probably going to keep asking for this, but Konami needs to make a classic side-scrolling Castlevania game on a Nintendo system, mainly to prove that they haven’t given up on the old ways. I’m not the only one who thinks this. There’s a Facebook community called Operation: Akumajo, whose mission is to unite Castlevania fans, all of whom insist that Konami return Castlevania to its 2D roots.

super castlevania iv

This is what a real Castlevania game looks like.

I think that there is a bright future for the Castlevania franchise. All Konami has to do is listen to their fans, and make sure that they don’t screw it up. With the E3 convention just three months away, I’d like to see what Konami has planned, if they have any new Castlevania games in the pipeline at all.


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