Shaq Fu makes a comeback

shaq fu

For the love of God, someone kick his ass!

Twenty years ago, in 1994, 90’s basketball star Shaquille O’Neal (better known as “Shaq”) got his own fighting game, Shaq Fu. Shaq Fu was and still is widely considered one of the worst games ever made, and it’s the reason why Shaq isn’t popular among gamers. That being said, why on God’s green Earth would Shaq want a sequel?

Yes, twenty years later, a sequel to Shaq Fu is being made, apparently with Shaq’s approval. Why?

I just think it’s incredibly odd and completely stupid that they’re okay with making another Shaq Fu, but they won’t make a genuine classic game anymore. The new game, dubbed Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, is slated for release soon, with no actual release game.

The game itself is said to be different to the original flop, but is being made on a budget of only $450,000. This could only be a bad sign.

Think about it. The original Shaq Fu was apparently so god-awful that someone made a website dedicated to getting people to destroy every copy of Shaq Fu ever made. That has got to have given Shaq a bad name (if his rap career didn’t already do that), and now it seems he’s making yet another epic blunder by lending his likeness once again to what looks like a cliché brawler that was defrosted from the 90’s.

The trailer doesn’t seem to sell it very well. In it, his face looks poorly rendered, and the graphics look really cheap compared to other next-gen titles, almost as though it was made 5 years ago.

shaq fu: a legend reborn

The game doesn’t even look finished. What does Shaq expect to prove?

What’s even more surprising is how desperate Shaq is to get support for the game. If you donate $15 on the game’s page in the crowd funding site Indiegogo, you get a copy of the game. If you donate big money, you’ll get big prizes. For $1,000, Shaq will follow you on Twitter/ For $6,500, you can work as a concept artist for Big Deez studios. Perhaps the most bizarre perk being offered is dinner with Shaq, which one lucky fan and 6 friends can get for donating $25,000.

The fundraiser apparently started on Thursday, and had gotten over $53,325 last night. I’m honestly surprised how many people are actually supporting this half-assed project. It’s almost as though people are magnetized to bad games from the 80’s and 90’s. In this case, it’s just insane to let history repeat itself in the form of epic failure, so why are?


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