Good riddance to BBC Three

bbc three

Let’s not give it any eulogies. It wouldn’t sound right.

I’ve heard that the BBC is planning to axe BBC Three as an on-air channel as part of numerous cuts being made to the corporation as a whole. While many people are obviously upset about this, I for one couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been waiting forever for that crass, lowest-common denominator channel to get kicked off the air and into hell’s bowels, mainly because it’s the BBC’s way of caving in to the trashy youth culture of the present. We’d be doing a world of good be saying goodbye and good riddance to BBC Three, because they’re effectively dumbing down the nation’s youth.

However, we shouldn’t be celebrating yet. After all, it’s not going to be axed until Autumn 2015, but that hasn’t stopped fans and celebrities from voicing their support for the youth-oriented network.

Given the kind of crap you see on BBC Three, why would anyone want to save BBC Three at all? It’s basically the BBC’s equivalent of TLC (the channel that airs Honey Boo-Boo). The only show that might be worth saving is Family Guy, but as I’ve said countless times before, Family Guy is past its prime, and it seems that BBC 3’s devotees exalt the newer (and dumber) episodes while ignoring the older ones. We don’t need Family Guy on Freeview anyway. If you want to see, just get Sky and watch it on FOX (Sky channel 124), or stream it online.

Another one of the channel’s highest rated programmes, Russell Howard’s Good News, isn’t immune to my criticism. Even that show has gotten stale, due to it using the same stale formula over and over again. It may have been good when I was 15, but when I was 17, I started noticing it getting stale, almost as though the show’s producers assume that young people are a bunch of brain-dead slobs who just want to see the same thing over and over again. Besides, before long you’ll be seeing all the episodes on Dave anyway.

All the other programmes on BBC 3 are either crap or uninteresting. If they ever shut down BBC 3, it’ll be the one smart move that the BBC has made this decade, and we’ll all be better off without it.


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