Writing game reviews is hard work

Stefan Grasso's Game Reviews Ver. 3.5

For the past 10 months now, I’ve been writing my own game reviews for a secondary WordPress site: “Stefan Grasso’s Game Reviews”. I wrote game reviews on a daily basis based on a list of games that I’ve played and rated. However, this list is running out of games, so I’m going to take a hiatus from game reviews so I can play more games.

There are plenty of games that I’ve always wanted to play, but couldn’t because I didn’t have enough time. After playing a certain amount of games that I haven’t graded before (I’d say 60-90 different games would be ideal), I’ll eventually go back to work on Stefan Grasso’s Game Reviews, while changing my M.O. in order to create a flexible work schedule.

I suppose I need a break from that site. I’ve written 299 game reviews so far, and I won’t always have the enthusiasm to write. For some strange reason, this site doesn’t get as many views as SMAGIC, having only racked up over 2,200 hits over the course of ten months.

Besides, it’s a lot of work to write a game review every day, and on most mornings, I have to go to college soon afterwards, and sometimes, the work carries on into the night.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m off to play some damn games. Whenever I’m ready, I’ll start writing game reviews again.


2 thoughts on “Writing game reviews is hard work

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