Bowie’s back on track…again

Even though David Bowie hasn’t announced a new album yet (give him some time to create, it’ll come eventually), it seems that he’s found his way back onto the spotlight, and in the most unlikely of places.

On Wednesday night, David Bowie became the oldest recipient of a Brit Award when he won the award for Best British Male. Even though he only won one of the two awards he was nominated for, and even though the award itself was collected on his behalf by Kate Moss, it’s still more than can be said for the travesty that was the Mercury Prize.

kate moss

That’ll do Kate, that’ll do.

The fact that David Bowie got nominated for any Brit Award is still rather surprising, since I’ve always recognized the Brit Awards as a bastion for trashy mainstream music. Hell, they even gave the award for Best Music Video to 1Direction’s “Best Song Ever” (the name alone should’ve gotten them arrested for false advertising).

As I presumed, much of the awards went to mainstream pop acts like Bruno Mars, Lorde, Ellie Goulding and Rudimental (and I despise all of them), but I’m glad to know that they gave at least one of the Brit Awards to an artist who actually deserved an award, even if they also gave two awards to a band that didn’t.

I’m still eagerly awaiting for Bowie’s next big album, but I’m glad that he’s finally getting some recognition from the mainstream media once again.


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