Money, ego, and the rise and fall of Justin Bieber

justin bieber mugshot

This couldn’t happen to anyone more deserving.

Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of buzz around Justin Bieber’s criminal behaviour. About two days ago, he was arrested for drunk driving, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest. He later admitted to also smoking pot and taking medication. Of course, all this is a serious threat to his clean-cut, teen pop image.

This is obviously a sign of the end of Justin Bieber’s annoying career. All celebrations aside, I can’t help but think that this is a matter of Justin’s ego spiralling out of whack. Even after he’s been arrested, I can just tell that he thinks he can get away with it just because he’s a rich pop star with an army of fans.

Speaking of money, I’m a firm believer that Justin Bieber’s entire career was based around greed and exploitation. His career started when his mother uploaded a video of him singing a Ne-Yo song on YouTube, which was eventually spotted by a record producer interested in signing him to record label. Once the kid became a success, everyone started milking it. Even his parents didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think they had the most to gain from it.

Naturally, he became a celebrity, but also a darling of the teen pop industry. However, the success went to his head, and now he thinks he’s better than everyone else. Perhaps he was tired of the fact that he making the same hollow pop music for so long that he acted out. Perhaps Justin wants his career to end, and he doesn’t really care how he does it.

Of course, his fans aren’t having any of this. Millions of fans are talking about it, and there’s even a campaign which aims to free Justin Bieber from jail. Personally, after all he did to music, I think he should stay in jail, because it would prove that being a pop star doesn’t give you special treatment from the long arm of the law, and in the long run, this is better for us than we realize because it could mean the end of horrible pop musicians being treated like gods.


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