Pop stars know nothing about love

ellie goulding

Just one of many pop stars who have absolutely no idea what they’re singing about.

One thing that I’ve always been consistently annoyed by, it’s the fact that pretty much all pop stars sing about the same things. They all sing about partying, some other girl stuff, and more importantly, their false notion of love.

I may only be so young, but I know more about love than what the pop stars will tell you. Love is much more than physical intimacy (which is something you can normally only dream of if you’re young). It’s about feeling affection and genuinely caring for someone. In theory, it can exist between any two individuals, and you can’t control it.

The idea of love espoused by countless pop stars basically involves surrendering to someone of the opposite sex, whether it’s a woman throwing herself at a man, or a man handing over his balls to a lady. Either way, it’s always about a monogamous, straight relationship, and the pop stars don’t exactly see the bigger picture.

Pop stars sing about an objectified and sexualized view of love, conflating love with sexuality in the process, and missing the whole point of real love as an emotion. Love is a complex emotion, and when you enter a relationship with someone, it will invariably be more than just sex. Everyone knows this, but the record companies don’t want you to have any grasp of the true meaning of love, because it means you won’t be dumb enough to buy their crap.

I’m guessing pop stars will always do this because their record labels want to exploit them to make money, but my message remains clear. There are different kinds of love, and most of them aren’t even sexual, but the pop stars, the record companies, and the advertisers only appeal to the sexual kind of love because it means they’re targeting some kind of base instinct of ours.

If we conflate love with sex, then what does that say about us as a society? We let pop stars influence us all the damn time, and our concepts of love and relationships are paying the price for it, all because we have a kind of celebrity culture ruling over what was our culture with an iron fist.


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