The LA paradigm

For many decades, Hollywood has had an undue amount of influence on our culture, with Hollywood culture comes the “LA paradigm”, a term I use to describe the overall cultural values of Los Angeles, which are exported across the world by Hollywood, whose headquarters is Los Angeles.

Just to avoid sounding like an idiot, I’ll explain what the word paradigm means, and why I think it fits. A paradigm is any idea that is so strong that any evidence contradicting it is usually ignored. I think this fits perfectly, because Hollywood has created various stereotypes that do not apply, but they are accepted because they are apparently entertaining.

I can’t help but think that pretty much all those stereotypes and cultural perceptions come from LA, and I think this is evidenced by the immeasurable amount of TV shows and movies set and/or filmed in LA.


What Hollywood thinks life is like.

Pretty much all sitcoms are filmed in LA mainly to make it easier. This makes me think that they’re all written by LA writers with LA values, which makes a hell of a lot of sense because they all say the same things. Either Hollywood is trying to use sitcoms to depict Hollywood’s trashy utopia, or they’re using them to make the rest of America look awful.

As for movies, a lot of movies act the same way, along with the bearing most of the same old clichés and stereotypes. For example, there is a disturbing lack of strong female leads, particularly in the action genre, where you’d be lucky to find a female lead at all. Also, most of every main character is white, and yet Hollywood pretentiously endorses multiculturalism just to pander to the liberal masses.

What about fashion and beauty? Somehow it’s fashionable for young girls everywhere to tan their skin and doll themselves up with an arsenal of makeup, and I think that’s somehow Hollywood’s fault. I say this because LA is also known for its beaches. I’m guessing that a lot of people in LA spend time in the beaches tan their skin, because I think that what I call “the MTV look” must have come from LA. Why else would it be so heavily promoted?

In conclusion, I believe that Hollywood is a hegemonic force that serves to push LA values on the rest of the world using outdated stereotypes. They aren’t satisfied until everyone thinks like they are, and they have the wealth and power to make it possible. The only question is, who’s going to stop them?


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