Cameron’s scheme

big brother is watching you

David Cameron’s planned “porn filter” is slated to come into effect this month, and apparently nobody cares enough to stop it. This is exactly what Mr. Cameron wants, because I think he has a sinister plan to turn Britain into the dystopian nanny state that The Daily Mail editors can only have wet dreams of every night.

We’ve all heard the sensationalism surrounding online porn. This sensationalism is what fuels Cameron’s porn filter plans, and the moronic vitriol of the newspapers, combined with the general ignorance of the public, has apparently given David Cameron free range to do whatever he wants with his filter. With that in mind, could somebody explain why the filter is set to block sites about sex education?

It’s not just sex education that’s on the chopping block for Cameron. It’s also websites about esoteric content, help with sex and/or porn addiction, libraries, support services for rape and domestic abuse, support for LGBT people, suicide prevention, child protection services, and websites about certain politicians. Call me crazy, but if this really was about protecting children, then I’d a thought that Cameron wouldn’t block child protection services. It just makes me think, what the hell is going on?

The central problem is that this filter is allegedly designed to block hardcore pornography, yet many of the different types of sites being blocked are non-pornographic. In fact, there is no substantial evidence to suggest that any of the sites that are going to be blocked have any effect on kids at all. There isn’t even any evidence to show that millions of kids are actually looking at porn to begin with.

At that point, it hit me. What if David Cameron actually had a hidden agenda for when he became Prime Minister? What if David Cameron is actually trying to turn Britain into a sad, dystopian nightmare like it was during the Victorian age?

Think about it. Why else would David Cameron block sex education sites? It’s because he obviously wants people to still be afraid of sex, in accordance with outdated conservative dogma. Why else would he block suicide prevention services? Because he wants to ensure that what he perceives as the “surplus population” kills itself off. It’s already obvious as to why he would want LGBT support sites blocked, because he’s a right-wing homophobe.

If he doesn’t really want to block those sites, then he at least wants to give parents the power to block such sites. Just imagine what it would be like if particularly abusive parents were allowed to block their kids from accessing sites like Childline. If that happened, then those poor kids would have no escape from a forever-looping nightmare on Earth. When you put that into perspective, David Cameron becomes a decidedly darker figure.

What kind of country does he want? This is the kind of crap you would expect from an Arab kingdom, not a progressive Western “democracy”.

Cameron’s scheme is obvious. He wants to turn Britain into a nanny state, a hellhole like no other, and somehow Britain’s majority would rather watch the newest episode of Mrs. Brown’s Boys than fight to keep the Internet free from surveillance. How can you not do something about a force of pure evil?

Can we really let this go on? This is supposed to be the age where we pave the way for the end of government control, and the Internet is the key. If we let Cameron succeed, then it will send a message to other world governments that it’s okay to censor the internet. Do we want that? Absolutely not.


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