2013: The year of David Bowie

david bowie 2013

This has been an interesting year, but I think that it was a great year for David Bowie, who has come to be my favourite musician so far. Incidentally, this was the year that I first explored his music properly.

I started out with the hit single “Let’s Dance”, and then moved on to the classic album “Heroes”, and let’s just say that my interest in David Bowie skyrocketed from then on. Because of this, he’s come to be rather influential on my own style, and the way I see music.

But enough about me. I want to talk about why this was the year of David Bowie.

At the beginning of the year, David Bowie released his new single, “Where Are We Now?”, on iTunes on his 66th birthday, taking everyone who thought he was retired by surprise. Being that Bowie had released it quietly, the song had no promotion, so fans had discovered it by themselves.

The new album, “The Next Day”, was announced soon after the new single, and was released in March to critical acclaim. In essence, this was the album to signal David Bowie’s triumphant return to music, especially since he plans to focus on making records (though ruling out the possibility of live performances in the foreseeable future).

Anyway, David Bowie has come out with some of his strongest work in years, and I think this has led to a new wave of media interest in his work. As for public interest, on the other hand, the mainstream market was still preoccupied with the likes of 1Direction, Lady Gaga, and Pitbull, and sadly, “The Next Day didn’t have nearly enough promotion to be able to compete for attention.

When “The Next Day” was nominated for the Mercury Prize, I thought that this would finally mean that he gets taken more seriously by the mainstream. But it turns out that nobody really gives a damn about the Mercury Prize, and that the winner of that prize turned out to be some yahoo called James Blake.

Even though the mainstream market no longer seems to care (thanks a lot Ylvis), I still think that the fact that he got nominated to begin with is still a victory in itself, because it drew plenty of attention to the new album.

Overall, this was a great year for David Bowie’s comeback, and if he’s making another album soon, then may the next album be just as good as The Next Day. I now leave you with one of his greatest songs.


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