The anticipation


When I was eleven years old, I discovered something that seemed odd at first. I discovered that if I sleep at 9pm on Christmas Eve, I’ll wake up at around midnight. Since nobody else would be awake at the time, me and brother basically use that time to do whatever the hell we want, because we’re quiet about it, we’ll remain undetected for at least six hours.

When this first occurred, I always wondered how this was possible. As a kid, I would always believe that it’s because Santa freezes times in order to deliver everyone’s Christmas presents around the world (which would explain how he’d be able to do this in one night). However, I later came to adopt a new theory, that my mind wakes me up in a psychological ritual that I’ve gotten used to over the years, mainly because I’m just a big kid who keeps on doing it.

Of course, what my mind is doing is based on the classic sense of anticipation that I’ve always had since I was a kid. Apparently that sense of anticipation has never died, because I’ve woken up at around midnight on every Christmas Day since 2005.

Perhaps it could be proof that Christmas spirit is still alive and well in some people. For me, it’s because I’ve never really let go of my childhood quite yet, and I doubt that I ever will for a long time.

I apologize if this post was rather short, but writing a lot of posts is more exhausting than it looks. So once again, I’m taking a Christmas break, but this year, I’m taking the whole week off, which means you won’t be seeing more posts on this site until next Monday.

Until then, Merry Christmas to all, and I leave you with a very special Christmas song.


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