The quest for popularity is a farce

Lately, I’ve realized that there’s really no point in trying to be popular. I found this out as I went to a Christmas party, and the nightclub atmosphere was just too overpowering for me to do or say anything that I really wanted to. I quickly realized that the nightclub scene wasn’t right, and came to a conclusion that if that’s a means of attaining popularity, then something definitely felt wrong.

Yes, I actually went and pursued popularity at the start of the college year (some three months ago), and I thought I was on the right path in life. But, when I though of it, I was very insecure about my own social abilities. It wasn’t until some time after I started hanging around with my own classmates that I gained some perspective. I became much happier hanging around my classmates than attempting to pursue popularity.

By the end of September, I was willing to do anything and everything to try and make sure my name was in lights, but I got so caught up in the idea of popularity that I lost perspective of what actually mattered. What would I have to prove if I were popular anyway?

It’s not my fault. A lot of us are given the illusion of popularity from the media, but what they don’t tell you is that popularity is more work than it sounds. You can’t find time for everyone.

I soon learned that as people get older, popularity becomes less of a concern. I then wondered why young people try to be popular. Perhaps it’s just a part of a young person’s development, or perhaps it’s the promise of acceptance. I don’t think anyone really knows why.

Now I’ve come to view the mythical quest for popularity as basically a farce, because to be popular, you’d have to deny your confidence in who you are. Besides, why would I really need to be popular? I like being unique, and I’m much happier hanging around with friends who I know understand me.

If only more people thought this way, and then maybe we’d be satisfied with who we are. I think I can manage this kind of life, as long as I don’t go and ruin it all.


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