Why celibacy is a complete joke

The Catholic church is now, at best, seen as something of a laughable institution in the eyes of most people, and its most absurd doctrines – the doctrine of celibacy – is pretty much a relic of the medieval age. There is one question I must ask: why would anyone want to be celibate in today’s world? When you really think about it, who really wants to be celibate?


Not counting these dorks.

I’m very sure everyone knows what celibacy is: it’s when you go without sex, period. Given that nobody can really go without sex, or even wants to, the mere idea of celibacy is basically repulsive to most. However, there are people who actually believe that celibacy is even remotely desirable.

In a society dominated by sexual imagery, it’s very easy for some moralistic or paranoid people to advocate celibacy, but celibacy is only good for people who think that sex is bad or gross. In a way, I think the idea of celibacy is a symptom of how the church has pretty much damaged our view of sexuality with its centuries-long campaign of sexual repression.

Of course, it’s the church that spread the idea that sex is bad (and, simultaneously, the idea that virginity is good), and they did it because the people who ran the church feared sexuality. However, they also hypocrites. Imagine giving Alan Harper the pope’s sceptre and the right to tell people what to do, and you should get a picture of what I’m talking about.

For me, celibacy is a joke because it’s pretty much impossible. You can’t go without sex forever, because there will always be sexual thoughts. If anything, I think that celibacy would only exacerbate your sexual desires. At worst, isolating yourself from sex will turn you into a downright freak. Why do you think all those Catholic priests got embroiled in sexual abuse scandals?

The whole situation started because Catholic priests take vows of celibacy. It started because women weren’t allowed to be priests, and priests couldn’t marry, because the vow of celibacy also extends to marital sex.

I must wonder what sane person would actively want a celibate life. A life without sex sounds attractive to people who don’t want to get sexual diseases, but think about it. How can you get an STD from someone who is only having sex with you in a committed relationship? Besides, you can still get STD’s without having sex, just that you’d have to be very unlucky.

In summary, celibacy is something that doesn’t really do any good. If you go without sex, you won’t want to go without it forever. Yes, society is now more dominated by easily accessible sexual imagery than ever before, but celibacy is not an alternative.


4 thoughts on “Why celibacy is a complete joke

  1. Stupid Catholic Priests for believing celibacy will help their cause. Stupid Church for allowing it to continue. Stupid public for thinking Priests adhere to the rule and haven’t figured ways around it.

    Celibacy is NOT helpful to anything. It’s downright dangerous in large doses. -A

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