Us men and our hair

One thing I forgot to mention on Saturday’s post is that there appears to be a double standard that exists against men’s hairstyles. We generally expect girls to have long hair, and we expect boys to have short hair. We seem to be okay with girls having short hair, but what about boys with long hair?

man with long hair

Yeah, what about him, and his adorable little kitten?

While we’re here, let’s extend the point further. What about guys who care about the way their hair looks at all? Somehow most guys conform to the whole “cutting their hair” trend that’s been imposed on male culture for ages now. Because of this, it’s considered weird for guys to even style their way in any way that’s different.

Why do I care? Well, it just so happens that I’m interested in changing my hairstyle, so I’m bound to run into this subject sooner or later. While I don’t intend to grow really long hair, I should still tackle this issue.

Whenever men’s hairstyles are considered, it’s always the most d**kish and pretentious options, like the shaggy haircut, or a shaved head, or whatever hairstyle Harry Styles made popular.

It’s no wonder a lot of men stick to short hair, because they don’t have a lot of good choice.

A hairstyle is more than something on your head that’s supposed to look good. The way I see it, it’s an expression of your style, sometimes even your state of mind. Besides, it’s not as though all the great celebrities have short hair. Some of our most beloved stars have had long hair at least once in their lives.

david bowie

Including but not limited to the Thin White Duke.

Speaking of that, whenever we depict a stereotypical male rock star with long hair, we always seem to paint him as a lowlife with absolutely no understanding of social norms. I don’t claim to have met a great deal of long-haired men, but I’m sure they’re nothing like the stereotypes.

I’ve also heard of the idea that men with “shaved heads” are more attractive to women. How is that even possible? That’s the cliché footballer’s hairstyle, and it’s become a god-awful action movie cliché as well. If this is true, we’re talking about men who doesn’t give a crap about his hair enough to not shave it off, and somehow that kind of hair is more attractive? Something tells me they’ve got to be making this up.

So if there’s one thing I want for my new hairstyle, I want it to be a statement of my attitude, the way I think, and my commitment to being unique, but at the same time, I want it to turn people’s heads, and I want it to cry out to world: “here I am, don’t judge me, love me”.

Will a shaved head do that? Absolutely god damn not!


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