What about men?

Whenever anyone talks about sexism the way everyone talks about it, they only talk about sexism against women, while ignoring the possibility of sexism against men. In the war against sexism, men are always shoved aside as the elephant in the room, and anyone who points out the hypocrisies of the anti-sexist movement are denied a voice.

silenced man

What a perfect analogy.

You may not know it, but sexism against men does exist. In fact, the word for it is “misandry”, which literally means “hatred of or prejudice against men”. The feminist movement, or perhaps just followers of the feminist ideology, would prefer to ignore that in favour of overpowering the female gender.

Sexism isn’t all violence or discrimination against men or women either. It can be as simple as putting a negative stereotype on any gender, and it just so happens that Hollywood does this all the time. Sitcoms like to paint men as either bumbling boobs who can’t handle a single task, or chauvinistic perverts who only want sex from a woman and nothing else. Of course, it’s hard to tell whether or not the writers intended to lampoon the stereotypes, so here’s a simple rule. If you didn’t laugh, then in your eyes, it’s sexism. Do I laugh? No, and most of the time, I don’t think it’s intended to be funny.

There are lots of other examples of gender bias against men in our society. For instance, if a woman has a job while a man stays at home, it’s considered empowering for women, while shameful for the man. If it were the opposite way around, then it would be considered sexist. Here’s another example. Breast cancer is given more media attention than prostate cancer, and breast cancer research is given much more funding than research for prostate cancer. I thought all forms of cancer were just as bad. How about another example. In the divorce courts, the women get all the benefits, and they almost always get custody of the kids, while men lose almost everything, and are seen as “incapable of taking care of them”. Would we call that equality? No. It’s still sexism.

Also, what about domestic violence? It’s a universal fact that domestic violence is horrible, no matter who commits it, but for some reason, society has a double standard on it. If it’s the woman hits a man, people couldn’t give a damn, while if a man hits a woman, the man is considered an “evil monster”. People in general seem to have a skewed opinion on gender-related violence. Whenever people see two men fighting, it’s seen as a good old-fashioned brawl, but when they see a man fighting a woman, with the man winning, it’s considered “disgusting”.

It’s also very easy for feminists to accuse the porn industry of being sexist. If it were, why don’t we hear any men complaining about the way gay men are depicted in porn? We don’t hear about it because men don’t see porn as sexist in anyway. Come to think of it, why is it always the women in the media who overreact about sexism?

Also, it’s great that people are condemning the practice of using doctored photos to make women feel insecure about themselves, but I think we’re ignoring the fact that the fashion industry also does this with men.

men's health

If that’s a beach body, we’re pretty much f**ked.

The media gives women an unrealistic standard of beauty to live up to, but they also give similarly unrealistic standards to men. How can we expect men to get the chiseled abs of the gods, or even the ass of the gods we see in advertising? Also, we pretty much expect men to do boyish things, like playing football or working in the garage, yet nobody even says a word. Why not? We don’t ignore when we expect girls to do girlish things, like putting on makeup or singing like a pop star.

In conclusion, sexism is bad, but it’s not exclusive to women. In fact, I think our society has gotten even more sexist than it ever was in the past because we give the feminist ideology too much credit, while shoving men’s opinions to the side. Why? Aren’t we just bringing about the same sexism we wanted to fight, except with women dominating men? I worry that this might be the case.


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