Why Harry Hill’s upcoming movie is a cry for help

Have you ever heard of one of those movies that are so bad, you only need to see the trailer for it to decide that it’s so bad, that you don’t even want to see it? Keith Lemon’s film was exactly that. Nobody with a working brain wanted to see it, but now, another ITV celebrity (if you can call him one) is trying his hand at making his own crappy movie.

the harry hill movie

Last weekend, I saw the trailer for Harry Hill’s latest trashy, self-indulgent farce of a movie, and naturally, my first immediate thought was “what the f**k is this?”

First, Keith Lemon got his own critically panned movie, and now Harry Hill’s supposed to be next or something? If that’s true, then maybe next year we’ll be seeing “Louie Spence: The Gayest Movie Ever!” hit theatres, because nobody really cares.

If you ask me, I think that the fact that this movie is even seeing release is a sign of two things.

  1. That Harry Hill’s career is pretty much dead in the water and he’s doing all he can to make sure he stays relevant so doesn’t have to go back to being a doctor again.
  2. That British culture is in such a desperately wrecked state that we not only allow these celebrities to walk all over it, but we’re also apparently proud of them.

I think that this movie, or maybe just the idea of this movie, is a cry for help, but the cry for help doesn’t come from Harry Hill. Instead, it comes from Britain itself. To me, this speaks to how utterly broken our culture has become ever since it got stomped all over by the various American influences (including reality and daytime TV).

Before anyone asks, I have no solution for this. Nobody does. If you really want me to be honest, I just despise Harry Hill, especially since he’s sold himself out far enough to make his own movie.

But regardless, if Harry Hill can get his own movie, then something is seriously wrong with this country. There’s no doubt about it, and I don’t know anyone with any sense of dignity who’ll ever watch that movie when it comes out on December 20th.

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