There is no “meaning of life”

Various philosophies and philosophers have been trying for ages to answer what many have come to view as the biggest question of all – “what is the meaning of life?”. Of course, they all have different ways of finding the answer, but I think that they’re all wrong.

Why? Because to ask this very question is to imply that there is an objective answer to the universe, which there obviously isn’t. There is no answer to the question, which would of course mean that there is no meaning of life.

I’m trying to say that there is no meaning of life other than what we make for ourselves. In other words, the real meaning of life is in the eye of the beholder, which brings us to the real question – why are we looking for a grand overarching answer to the meaning of life?

I think I can answer this question very easily. I think we’re just looking for a dogmatic train of thought that can be applied scientifically. The only reason we’re looking for an answer to “the great question” is so that we can all conform to it. This effectively means that the goal of philosophy (which, supposedly, is to find the ultimate truth) is pretty much a farce that can be used to justify the removal of free will.

That’s right, I’m literally saying that the quest for the meaning of life is literally just a cover that certain people are using to find a foolproof way of taking free will away from society by using an absolute universal answer as though it were a new religion, or is it?

What if the men of science are actually trying to find the answer for themselves, so they can use it to discredit all religion as we know it? What if all the ideologues want to find it so that they can declare their ideology as the supreme, absolute truth?

In all cases, they are all deluding themselves by thinking there can be an answer to the “great question”. The only way you truly answer this question is when you realize that the only meaning of life is the meaning of your life, and not life itself. Maybe this is one of those questions where there is no answer? That would justify it being called “the ultimate question”.

In conclusion, I think we as a species can easily be led astray because we don’t value our own lives very highly, so we look for an answer to all of life in order to make ourselves feel like we’re above everything else, when really we’re not.


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