Why do so many things get in the way of happiness?

Have you ever wondered why we aren’t really happy in life? Ever wondered why we always complain about the state of things around us, or why some of us project our own misery onto others? The truth is that we want happiness, but there are so many obstructions to that happiness, and those obstacles are the very things we are told to embrace.

What do religion, politics and the media have in common? They don’t want you to think that you can live a blissful life without their influence. They attack anything that threatens their influence over your life. If that doesn’t make sense, then I think I can provide a sufficient argument.

Whenever video games are blamed for violent shootings, the mainstream media not only takes those claims seriously, but it takes the side of those making them. This is not new. Ever since video games were poised to replace TV during the 90’s, TV companies were starting to feel like they’re screwed, so they deliberately make video games look and sound more violent and evil than they actually are, little realising that such scare tactics don’t actually work.

How about another example. The real reason organized religion is fighting atheism is because atheism teaches that you don’t need to worship a higher power in order to feel good about yourself, or even to be good person. Naturally, in order to survive and keep brainwashing the masses, the religious institutions feels the need to make atheists look bad. You actually don’t need religion to find happiness or even be a moral person, but the problem is that religion has so much power over our society, even in today’s supposedly secular world.

The politicians are another obstruction because they don’t actually care for you. Anyone in power will likely have an ego so massive that it constantly needs to be stroked. Therefore, the politicians are always asking for you to support them, and let them be a part of your life in some way, kind of like a religion. We don’t really want any politicians, just that they’ve convinced us that we need them, and I think we’re suffering because of it.

The way I see it, a person isn’t truly happy unless all his/her needs are fulfilled, and anything causes suffering or unhappiness is removed from his/her life. That’s the thing about why I mentioned the media, politics and religion in general. They try to tell us what we can and can’t do, and that inevitably causes suffering because we’re convinced that we’re powerless to ignore them. To be fair, you can’t exactly ignore something that’s everywhere. Of course, those aren’t the only things. Other things that prevent us from truly being happy are bills, the inevitably looming spectre of death, age, etc.

Of course, the central question of this post is why do they get in the way of our happiness? Why can’t we truly be happy? I think there’s a very simple answer. They get in the way because they generate conflict. If we were all truly happy, then there’d be no problems that can be fixed by signing yourself over to something.

Thinking about it, we may need to make a choice. Either a utopian world where we’re happy all the time, but everything’s stale, or a world where conflict happens a lot, but we can carve our own path to happiness in life.


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