Why God why?


That’s it, there is no god!

Recently, I’ve been hearing of a new supergroup called “McBusted”, which consists of members of the disbanded pop punk bands McFly and Busted. I’ve also heard that they’ll be together for a 2014 “McBusted tour”. I have one simple question. WHY?

Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to:

  1. Bring Busted and McFly back from the dead
  2. Combine then both into a supergroup

Who thought that was a good idea? More importantly, why are they getting so much praise? They’re basically pop punk boy bands with no real talent or artistic integrity whatsoever, and yet they got a free ride just for singing what apparently everyone wants to hear.

I’ve said it before, but I feel I need to say it again. As a kid, I despised McFly, and I hated Busted even more. I hated those bands because they were so popular, and yet their music didn’t even sound very good. To me, they were awful. Now that you know that, just imagine how I felt when I saw “McBusted” floating around the web.

For me, just the existence of McBusted speaks volumes about music culture. Sadly, my generation grew up with these crass pop punk bands, and they’re still somehow liked today. Even Busted (the worst of the bunch) still has fans here in the year 2013, and they were big back in 2004.

Why are these guys getting so much praise and attention? These are the kind of trashy corporate punk bands that are making it impossible for real punk rock to be taken seriously. They shouldn’t be rewarded for this, and yet there’s McBusted right on front of us.

In conclusion, if you like corporate pop punk that sings from the POV of whiny teenagers, that’s fine by me. Go to the McBusted tour if you want. I’m not out to stop people from going just because I hate the bands. I just think that pop punk is just a relic of the early 2000’s, and I think that’s where they belong. Something about the existence of McBusted doesn’t seem right.


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