Why Britain needs the right to self-defence

Let’s compare two English-speaking nations together side-by-side. In America, they have “the right to keep and bear arms”, an amendment to their constitution which guarantees citizens the right to gun ownership, and thus allowing Americans the right to self-defence. In the UK, however, guns are totally banned, and we hear about murders in the news almost all the time.

I hope the government realizes that banning guns doesn’t do anything. When you make anything illegal, criminals will always find a way around them, because what the law seems to forget is that criminals don’t obey the law. That’s why we call them criminals in the first place.

Besides, private gun ownership has been banned in the UK for a very long time, and the right to self-defence has been denied since 1968, and look what happened in that time. We’ve had numerous firearm-related incidents, and not to mention the odd shooting. More recently, there was the Cumbria shootings in 2010, which happened not long after David Cameron became Prime Minister.

If you’re an American, you’d think this is a good reason to let Britons have their guns, but no. Apparently David Cameron disagrees with common sense. He was taking the moral high ground the whole way through, and I believe he actually wanted gun regulations to be even tighter. They’re already very tightly regulated, and violence still happens.

Also, lets imagine what would happen if Britons were allowed to have guns. Would we be more crime-ridden? No. We would be able to defend ourselves from violent criminals, and thus the crime rate would actually drop. Yes, criminals would still try and attack you, but you’d be able to fight back at least. This is also very important in big cities like London or Birmingham. If the news media is to be believed, big British cities are riddled with crime. Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow people in those cities to own guns for self-defence?

Then again, Britain is one of the wimpiest nations on Earth, and it’s been turning this way since the empire collapsed in the late 40’s. Nowadays, it’s gotten so bad that police officers can’t use guns anymore, and yet in America, police officers do have guns, and from what I’ve heard, they’re capable of actually catching violent criminals. Apparently British lawmakers are focused on making sure everyone’s polite and nice all the time like in a Disney movie. What they don’t appear to realize is that the real world doesn’t work that way, certainly not for criminals.

Besides, our culture is slowly morphing into something more like America’s, so the way I see it, gun rights being okayed in the UK is inevitable anyway. One day, crime will get so bad that Britons may flee to America because there’s simply no other option. If you want crime to go down, then letting Britons use guns for self-defence is a good idea, because banning guns does nothing to stop violent crime.


3 thoughts on “Why Britain needs the right to self-defence

  1. ‘police officers do have guns, and from what I’ve heard, they’re capable of actually catching violent criminals.’

    The only problem with this is that they have actually killed 5,000 suspects in the last year. This number will increase dramatically once they have established drones covering vast areas of the US, initially not armed drones but how long will that last?
    Your theory that criminals with guns won’t attack you in case you have a gun is laughable. Many murders in UK cities are gang related. Finding these people decent employment might distract them from their lives of crime. That means using locally respected sports and community leaders to inspire them. Gang crime won’t go away because we don’t like it and neither will their guns.

    Regarding the law of self defence , I believe a number of people have been acquitted, quite rightly for harming trespassers on their property with intent to rob or similar. Tony Martin type characters laying in wait with a shotgun is a rather different proposition though. If this law were to be authorised , the perpetrators of murder would simply invite their victim round and claim he was there to cause the householder harm.

    • Your idea is rather laughable because it assumes that I have to be 100% accurate on this site. Also, even in America, nobody just invites people and claim he was intending to do harm, because the police aren’t that stupid.

      Besides, anything I write here is my opinion. Whether it’s factual or not doesn’t exactly matter. I’m just saying that gun control does not reduce crime.

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