Why is the government cutting education?

Last month, the Welsh government announced plans to cut £65 million to post-16 and higher education starting on 2014/15. Through this proposal, £20 million would be cut from higher education, and £45 million would be cut from further education, work-based learning contracts, adult learning, and the sixth form. I have one question. Why?

I get that we’re not in the best economic climate, but education is not the right place to start cutting. Come to think of it, you shouldn’t be cutting education at all. There are plenty of other places that the government can cut, and I think we should look at them.

For instance, there do exist various faith schools around the country, not just in Wales, and faith schools do nothing but indoctrinating children into accepting a religion they didn’t want to begin with, and yet the government isn’t doing a thing about them. Also, how is it that the government is trigger happy about spending cuts, while also wanting a pay rise for MPs, who do pretty much nothing other than drain our money?

Students all over Wales are already having a hard time with money issues, such as food prices, transportation, and accommodation (at least in university). For students, these cuts are basically a slap in the face. Practically every student in the country is now seething in rage, and all because politicians don’t care about young people.

What the government need to realize is that education is incredibly important, especially in Wales, where education is a huge factor in the country’s economic regeneration. It is the colleges, universities and training programs that are preparing young people for work, which is important in an age where we are faced with the worst level of youth unemployment in our history.

Of course, the reason I care is that I’m a student, and I’m in the student union in my college. I’m bound to run into issues like these now and again. My feelings on this are simple; we can’t let the government cut something that’s vital for the success of millions of young people and beneficial for the economy. If these cuts are approved in December, then I think Wales will be headed on the road to ruin.


If you care about education in Wales and want your voice to be heard, there’s a petition you sign. From what I’ve heard, it’s only got about a few more weeks left. If you want to sign it, click here.


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