The ugliness of what British music has become

On Wednesday night, I actually watched the Mercury Prize, and sadly, James Blake won. Why? It’s sad that James Blake won, as opposed to David Bowie, who’s had decades of experience, and genuine talent.

Sadly, the presenters didn’t even care. Nick Grimshaw (who basically killed the whole experience) only seemed to focus on new acts like Laura Mvula and The Foals. Even when David Bowie showed off part of the music video for his newer song “Love is Lost”, the presenters appeared not to care, even though David Bowie was a favourite to win.

After watching this, I learned how ugly and shallow British music culture has become, and realized that this same shallowness is what the Mercury Prize embodies most.

Nowadays, we’ve ignored all the real talent, and only focus on what’s new and trendy. That’s not how you appreciate art. I love music, so I hate that British music has become what it is.

To be completely fair, the Mercury Prize has a history of “surprise wins”, where the judges pick anyone other than the favourites to win. This has always been very annoying, especially for fans of David Bowie, myself included, who were hoping that Bowie would win, at long last proving that the music industry still cares about classic rockers and real artists.

Nowadays, British music is almost entirely electronic, be it EDM, pop, techno or dubstep, and anything outside that norm is cruelly ignored by ignorant radio stations, and the undifferentiated ego mass that is the Radio 1 audience. Where did we go so wrong?

Yes, I’m still a bit sore about the fact that David Bowie didn’t win, but I was p*ssed off for the right reasons, because James Blake won for the wrong reason. Besides, I’m at least ready admit that, unlike Biffy Clyro, who were mad that they didn’t even get shortlisted, but just won’t admit that they’re mad.

Overall, if music culture today revolves around the same old dubstep, EDM, techno, Radio 1 and Nick Grimshaw, then something is horribly amiss.


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