There is no battle of the sexes

If there’s one cultural cliché that I’m well and truly sick of, it’s the “battle of the sexes”. You know, the whole “boys versus girls” thing that sometimes always comes up (though usually in competitive scenarios).

I’ve always hated the idea that boys and girls somehow always have to be in competition with each other. To be honest, I never saw what the big deal was, but nowadays, I think there’s something sinister about this.

I think that we’ve created the myth of the “battle of the sexes” in order to create an acceptable form of sexism in an age where sexism is pretty much opposed by all. It’s pretty obvious when you really think about it. After all, the idea of “boys versus girls” relies on the outdated idea that “girls are inferior to boys”, which they obviously aren’t.

The worst part is that popular culture seems to have embraced it, leading to the mainstream use of such chauvinistic terms as “manly”, “girly”, or “sissy”. This of course, provides the breeding ground for tons of gender stereotypes.

But there’s something even more sinister than that. The feminist ideology plays on two contradicting ideas.

  1. The idea that girls are “better than men”
  2. The idea that girls are somehow victims of a male-dominated culture

In a way, the followers of the feminist ideology are basically instigators of the battle of the sexes. Come to think of it, of all the instigators of the mythical “battle of the sexes”, many of the cultural instigators are from the media, from magazines, sitcoms and/or reality TV shows mainly watched by women.

The cold hard truth is that there is no “battle of the sexes”, and there can’t be a battle of the sexes, because to have one would inevitably mean making a separation between men and women, and straining relationships between men and women.

If we believe in equality, then why do we fall for the whole “battle of the sexes” nonsense? Perhaps there are sexists who still call the shots, trying to influence our culture into once again being as sexist as the old days, which you know will never happen.

If we want real equality, then let’s not listen to the whole “battle of the sexes” garbage. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone really likes it, unless they’re really shallow about how they view themselves.


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