Imagination is sacred

the neverending story

Case in point, The Neverending Story

Sometimes, some people feel the need to reign on everyone’s parade by trying to read into various movies and attempting to apply science to what is obviously fiction. This mainly happens with sci-fi and action movies. Sometimes, if the film is stupid enough, it’s okay, but other times, it just gets annoying.

Evidently, the people who look into these things don’t value the importance of imagination. In my view, we need imagination. Imagination offers an escape from the drudgery of reality. In fact, it’s one of the key things that make us human.

To do anything creative, whether you’re a writer, a game designer, an artist, or a musician, requires at least some level of imagination (unless you’re a pop star). Even science needs a level of imagination, because in forming the various theories and/or hypotheses, you’re inevitably imagining a scenario that has yet to be proven.

In the case of entertainment, why spoil the blessing of imagination with such pretences as “realism” or “scientific accuracy”? With the various sci-fi movies, we all know that stuff like laser beams, space fleets and space aliens will probably never be real (at least not in my lifetime), but that’s part of the fun. So by trying to make it real, we’re actually ruining it for everyone else.

Without imagination, all we’re left with is a reality that’s altogether more bleak, because without imagination, there is no escape from that reality, no hope, no expectations, and ultimately nothing good enough to be called life.

However, it’s blatantly obvious that Hollywood is losing that imagination which resulted in lots of great movies from the later half of the 20th century. Maybe if they stopped listening to everyone who tells them “that can’t happen in real life”, or maybe if they stopped being overly concerned with money, then maybe they’d their sense of imagination back.

Even if Hollywood does go away, it’s very obvious that we won’t lose our sense of imagination any time soon, because as I said earlier, we absolutely need it.


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