Flesh-eating spiders of popular myth

A few days ago, I saw a headline on The Daily Star which reads “Flesh-eating spiders coming to a house near you”. Immediately, this reminds me of all those other panicky reports that killer bees were headed to our country soon.

In fact, both those stories have at least one thing in common – they are both designed to scare the reader, and therefore distract the reader from the issues at the heart of our society.

The media loves fear-inducing cock-and-bull stories like the “flesh-eating spiders” headline because they keep people in a state of panic, which keeps them from engaging in deep thought.

I’ve already established several times that the media is basically an enforcer of the status quo. Because of this position, the people in the media don’t want you to be able to think for yourself, because it means that you’ll be questioning the system and everything it stands for.

Even though the noble false widow (the spider mentioned on the news) has been introduced to England from its native Canary Islands, there is no real evidence to suggest that they could spread throughout the entire nation. Besides, they’ve been living in England since the 1870’s, and no sensationalist reports about false widow attacks have surfaced on the papers until at least 2006.

Through all of this, I’m trying to show that the tabloids are just exaggerating things in order to sell a story and keep us afraid of the world. The sooner we learn to ignore the tabloids, the better our perspective of things will be (and I know I’ve been saying this for quite a long time).


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