Why I despise pop-punk

billy joe armstrong

I don’t have a very good opinion of punk rock, but if there’s one genre of music that I hate more than any other. They call it pop-punk, but I’m sure “crap” is a more honest term for it.

Pop-punk is basically a way of fusing punk rock with pop elements. Essentially, you’re combining two forms of music that aren’t really music.

When you do this, you get bands like Wheatus, Smash Mouth, Busted, McFly, Green Day, and many more corporate bands pretending to be rebels in order to appeal to a gullible youth audience.

Yes, I said it – bands like Wheatus are essentially hardcore boy bands, and they aren’t even hardcore. If you want me to visualize what it would be like, just imagine what it would be like if One Direction attempted a more punk sound. It would sound awful, but it would still be successful, and that’s the way the recording industry is.

When I was a kid, McFly was everywhere, and Busted was a thing. Also, Green Day released American Idiot, probably the most mainstream “punk” album of all time. I couldn’t stand everything pop-punk. I just hated it, especially because it was popular at the time.

The vocals in those songs are just pure whining. They try to act all edgy and anti-establishment because their passing on the myth that all teens hate their parents. Also, even with the lyrics, and even with the look, the songs still sound more like pop songs than rock songs, and that’s when disaster strikes.

This effectively means that when I was a kid, the mainstream market was still suckling the teats of the pop world, and the record companies just gave them what they are fixated with at the time.

Nowadays, pop-punk is not very prominent, but there are bands that are trying to give it a comeback, and Green Day is still very popular, but I don’t think it’ll enjoy the same success it did ten years ago, and maybe that’s for the best. After all, the last thing I’d want is for there to be another McFly.


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