Is the idea behind Black History Month racist?

black history month 2013

In the UK, it’s apparently Black History Month (I used to think it was only in America). In a multicultural society, we would embrace other cultures. However, something seems rather fishy about the idea of dedicating an entire month to just one group of people.

The idea of Black History Month is basically about “celebrating black history” and “remembering important historical events and figures of black history”.

The UK has recognized Black History Month since 1987, but there’s a bit of a problem. If we don’t want people to think that “black people” are different from “white people”, then why single out black history and treat it differently from history in general?

If we value equality, and if we despise racism, then why even bother giving one group of people special treatment over the others? After all, wasn’t the civil rights movement fighting against special treatment based on race?

Strangely, what I’m saying is quite similar to Morgan Freeman’s criticism of Black History Month in America. He doesn’t want a “black history month”, because to him, “black history” is American history.

While that is a very valid point, that’s not what I’m getting across. My point is that if race wasn’t a big deal to us, why dedicate entire month to one particular culture or group of people?

In that sense, the idea of Black History Month is sort of racist. I say sort of because it’s not exactly direct, or in the conventional sense. What I’m referring to is the kind where we demand equally, whilst hypocritically treating certain groups as though they are different to the rest of us, when in reality, they aren’t.

Sadly, that’s all I have left to say about this particular topic.


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