Why Homer and Marge’s marriage has always been doomed

homer and marge

It’s all a lie.

It’s easy for people to believe that Homer and Marge actually love each other, and are willing to stick it out to the very end. If you bought that, then you’re basically a sucker. If you watch certain episodes of The Simpsons closely, and put all the pieces together, you’ll realize that it’s all an illusion.

First, let’s look at the sequence of events that led to Bart’s birth. In the established canon, Bart was born after Homer knocked her up when he was young. Note that Marge got knocked up before they even considered marriage. Then, when Marge got pregnant, they got married. The only reason those two got married is because they had to raise Bart together, even if they were p*ss poor parents.

If Marge had the choice, then she wouldn’t have married Homer because:

  1. He’s only interested in soiling her loins
  2. He generally holds her back (e.g. her ambition to be a journalist, her art career, her calculus test, etc.)
  3. He doesn’t care for her at all (as shown in several scenes)
  4. He’s an idiot

Secondly, I never bought the idea that two people who are complete opposites could live together in harmony. Marge and Homer are complete opposites. In the ten years that they have been married, Marge had grown to be a complete killjoy who prefers that everything be plain and predictable, while Homer seems to have embraced his stupidity, obesity and alcoholism, and has shown to be completely thoughtless.

I also never bought the idea that Homer or Marge is a  devoted spouse, considering that there was a point in time where Marge hated Homer so much that she would not only allow herself to be swayed by Jacques, but also had fantasies of being with him. Then again, Jacques is something of a lothario who’s more interested in seducing people.

Third, various episodes “set in the future” depict Homer and Marge as either divorced or drifting further apart. In one of those episodes, Homer and Marge split up (mainly because Homer frivolously bought an underwater house). Note that in all of them, Bart is either a teenager or an adult.

And finally, why would Marge stay in a loveless marriage were her artistic and journalistic talents are continually wasted. Whenever she tries, she winds up going back to being a miserable housewife who’s practically choked by a family who’s completely dependent on her daily routine. By marrying Homer, she’s wasted her life away.

And that’s why they should probably have divorced by now. I mean, would you stay in a loveless marriage where your artistic needs are constantly denied? I think not.


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