If Hollywood’s in trouble, just let it die


Behold, one of the world’s capitals of excess.

If there’s one thing that becoming increasingly more obvious, it’s that Hollywood is in trouble. The movies you like are getting more expensive to make, and the producers aren’t making enough money back from it. At the rate they’re going, Hollywood is going to either make less of the movies you like, or make them in lower quality.

Of course, the biggest portion of the blame goes to the glut of big-budget CGI flicks that have been shelled out over the past 15 years, but there is another notable cause. The ability of the Internet to allow you to watch movies for free has led to the decline of DVD sales (which itself can be attributed to the relatively high DVD prices). Because Hollywood isn’t making as much money anymore, they can’t afford to take risks, and pandering to foreign markets isn’t working.

DVD sales are also being crippled by subscription-based streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, effectively making Blockbuster Video more ancient than Betamax and Barbara Streisand’s singing career combined.

Alright, the signs are everywhere. Hollywood is dying, and you know what, I think we should let it die. Why? For too long, Hollywood has had a stranglehold over our culture and what we believe in. They’ve been keeping society dumb and poor by vilifying intellectualism and spewing outdated moral values that they don’t actually believe in.

Think about it. If Hollywood were gone, then film-makers would finally be free from the creative oppression of greedy producers, and we can finally see films we actually enjoy on the silver screen. Also, Hollywood has created a culture were sleaze is part of the fabric of life, and expects us to sit down and accept it.

Hollywood is a hegemonic and pervasive force that threatens to destroy any culture that stands in its path. The only reason Hollywood does anything is in the hopes of making money out of it. Hollywood is essentially a living embodiment of greed, and by extension a cancer upon the Earth.

By letting Hollywood die, we are finally sending a message that greed isn’t acceptable, and that it has consequences. Through the death of Hollywood, we will experience a new golden age of creativity, culture, and independent thought.


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