The tidal wave of crappy “comedy”

Recently, I’ve been getting very bored by Comedy Central UK, mainly because they keep showing the same sitcoms over and over again, and each sitcom is basically the same anyway. I can’t help but think should have been called “Sitcom Central”.

Literally, the only reason I come back here is for South Park (but not for the newer episodes), mainly because of all the crappy sitcoms they keep airing. Sure, a few can be good, but that doesn’t change the fact that most of them are the same thing over and over, complete with all the stereotypes.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Comedy Central UK keeps airing crappy movies, many of which appear to be teen sex romps (all of which probably suck anyway). Thankfully, I’ve never seen the crappy movies they air, but I don’t even have to. Even the advertising makes those movie look awful. When will Comedy Central air good comedy films?

Also, the advertising for Comedy Central shows has gotten pretty irritating. It doesn’t help that many of the shows on that channel are awful. Also, the channel seems to have an unhealthy obsession with the Friends. That show died nearly ten years ago, and it’s basically just a bunch of grown adults acting like toddlers, and it’s still popular.

With the exception of South Park, The Daily Show, and a few Comedy Central roasts, I rarely enjoy that channel anymore. Will it ever shape up? I hope so.


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