The professional game reviewers are idiots

review scores

How does Disney Infinity get good reviews despite being basically an overpriced copy of Skylanders? This immediately reminds me of all the other bad games that got good reviews from the mass media, which leads me to only one conclusion; that game reviews today are about selling the game, and not actually reviewing the game.

Let’s put this into the perspective of someone who writes unprofessional game reviews. In my game reviews, I’m being 100% honest, and I don’t make any money writing these reviews, but when mainstream game reviewers review games from multi-million dollar franchises, they describe the game as though they are trying to sell the game.

You know, this actually makes perfect sense. Whenever you see a commercial for a new game from a well-known, hot-selling franchise, you always see these stellar review scores plastered all over the ad. The reason they do this is to sell the game, because the producers believe that many of us are dumb enough to buy the game just because it has good reviews.

Now I can see why Disney Infinity got such high scores. Disney is a multi-million dollar franchise, and a powerful media conglomerate. Media outlets need ads in order to survive, and so the reviewers feel obligated to ensure people bought that game because the review sites make money from advertising. They’re basically whores.


These days, it’s all about the almighty dollar.

You could say that this doesn’t make the reviewers idiots, but then you’d be wrong. They’re idiots because they keep on doing this, not knowing that damage this has done to video game journalism.

Thanks to outlets like IGN, and the large corporations that own these outlets, video game journalism has become a profession dominated by the dollar, where you only work for the dollar. What I’m trying to say is that the businessmen run things now.

What’s even worse about this situation is that game reviewers are more or less telling people what they want to hear. They’re afraid of not giving games from everyone’s favourite franchises top scores because they think that if they do, it alienates a large portion of their audience.

If I ever become a video game critic, then I’d always be an independent game reviewer, because to work for a major game review outlet would mean being fired for being honest about popular games, all because the industry is fuelled by morons.


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