Is Nintendo making a terrible decision?

nintendo 2ds

This is not gonna end well.

Recently, Nintendo unveiled a new model for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s called the Nintendo 2DS, mainly because it lacks the stereoscopic 3D gimmick found in the 3DS.

It’s slated to be heavier than the regular 3DS, but lighter than the 3DS XL. It’s also slated to have longer battery life than the regular 3DS, but worse battery life than the 3DS XL.

Apparently, it’s being marketed as a cheaper version of the regular model designed for younger children. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who agrees that the 2DS is a complete joke.

Why? Let’s take a good look, and see why.

First of all, let’s look at the design. It’s basically a flat slate, as opposed to the clamshell design of the 3DS and its predecessor. Therefore, it’s exposed to much more wear and tear that the top screen would protect it from when the console is closed. Also, because of the new design, the L and R buttons are all the way at the top, and the main buttons and the control stick have been moved upward slightly. That would be a pain in the ass if you’re used to the 3DS control scheme.

Second, let’s address the price. It’s marketed as a cheaper 3DS, and sure enough, it will cost £109.99 ($129.99 in the US). But due to the exposed design, it is ideal to also buy a carry case to go with it, and that will set you back an additional £9.99 ($12.99 in the US). That will amount to a total cost of £119.98 ($142.98 in the US). Call me crazy, but that isn’t even remotely cheap. The original DS was launched at as cheap as £99.99. The DS Lite was later launched at the same price tag.

Third, let’s look at the target audience. The 2DS is designed for children younger than 7. There’s just one problem. In the UK, the 2DS is rated 7 by PEGI. That means that legally, you have to be aged 7 or over to buy the damn thing. This makes absolutely no sense, because the 2DS lacks the stereoscopic 3D feature that meant that a 3-year-old couldn’t play the 3DS. Also, why would any kid want a watered-down 3DS for Christmas, when they could be asking for a PS4 or Xbox One.

Finally, let’s look at the release date. The 2DS is expected to come out on October 12th in the UK and America. The major problem, however, is that it’s going to be release on the same day as Pokémon X and Y. When it all comes down to it, which would you rather buy on October 12? A watered-down cheapskate version of the 3DS, or the brand new Pokémon adventure on the 3DS, which, if you don’t already have it, would be your reason to get the actual 3DS? I’d much rather get Pokémon X than the 2DS.

Overall, I think that the Nintendo 2DS is going to be a disaster, one that Nintendo will have a difficult time recovering from. It just seems like Nintendo is making one bad decision after another until they’re nothing but a joke. Nintendo needs to get its sh*t together, or else it’ll end up being swamped by Sony and Microsoft just like Sega did in 2001.

Do we really want another classic game company to die out? I think not.


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