No more X Factor, please

x factor 2013

When will it end?

Since 2004, The X Factor has been poisoning our airwaves with a near endless stream of crappy pop songs, with every charity song and winning single topping the charts at around Christmas time. With the new series coming out tomorrow, will it ever end?

Well, there are a few signs that point to it. I think some people are getting tired of it, mainly due to the yearly tabloid scandals that come with it. Also, I’ve heard that Louis Walsh, the only judge to have remained in his position through the whole series, will be leaving after the next series finishes in December.

I know that the panel of judges has changed very frequently over the course of the show’s life cycle, but Louie’s the only one who’s stayed in the entire run of the show. I imagine that the British public would find find it hard to imagine The X Factor without Louis at the judges table. Beyond that, the show’s creator, Simon Cowell, has often considered pulling the plug on the show either while it’s still successful, or when it gets boring.

I actually hope Simon Cowell is reading this right now (even if it’s unlikely), because I would like nothing more than for this country to be rid of the X Factor, and indeed all talent shows of its kind. It exploits not only the gullibility of the general public, but also the desire for its contestants to be successful musicians.

Simon Cowell has done near irreparable damage to the British music industry, and has poisoned British culture, and he has made millions of pounds out of all of it. Not only that, but it’s clear that he has no shame whatsoever.

Simon Cowell is basically a heartless, soulless, greedy troll who doesn’t really value music at all. All he ever wants to do is make money for his third-rate record company, with no real ambition, hence he has all his acts be deliberately lame and stereotypical.

The show itself gives young people a distorted view of the music industry, and fills kids’ heads with the lie that being a famous musician is easy. As a result, the music industry is filled with talentless hacks who think they can get by on good looks alone.

It’s like some f**king joke, except nobody laughed. I hope that when The X Factor ends, we look down on it with the most hateful scorn imaginable, because this has to be the most vile TV show ever to walk the face of the Earth.


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