1Direction doesn’t deserve their own movie

1d this is us

Tomorrow, the 1Direction movie This Is Us gets screened in cinemas across the UK, and we watch as sexually frustrated girls all over the country scream for their idols. Am I the only one who thinks that this will be an absolute tragedy?

I think it’s pretty clear that I absolutely despise 1Direction, mainly because they’re a boy band produced by a big music corporation to make money, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is how popular they are here in the UK. For Christ’s sake, their music is annoying as hell, and it’s not even music. It’s just bland pop music for the masses to eat up.

It also doesn’t help that their career started on the X Factor, a show that’s all about making hapless nobodies into even more pathetic stars. 1Direction didn’t even win the 2010 X Factor series, and they only got where they were because Simon Cowell signed them onto his record label, Syco Records, for £2 million.

If you ask me, I think the only reason this movie exists is to exploit the fame and success of 1Direction, hoping to translate that into box office success. What’s even worse is that it’s being directed by Morgan Spurlock. I honestly though he had more integrity than this. Then again, he known for making sh*t up when making Super Size Me.

The fact that this movie even exists speaks volumes about the toxic influence of 1Direction and other similar pop musicians of today. Britain in particular has become so culturally brain dead that they allow any squeaky clean band of pretty-boys to influence them.

Overall, it’s very obvious that I won’t be seeing this movie, but sadly, I highly doubt that this movie will fail, seeing as how Justin Bieber’s equally pointless movie Never Say Never ranked in over $98 million worldwide. If my worries are correct, then the new 1Direction movie will rank in just as match, maybe more.


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