The real reason why racism is still a big deal in America today

It seems that race is a touchy subject in America. In the 50’s, racism was all over the place, and when the news media did cover it, the people who wanted to keep the status quo did not like this one bit.

In the 60’s, the people fought so that racism in America could end, and they succeeded. There may not be much of any actual racism anymore, but that apparently hasn’t stopped mainstream media outlets from trying to bring it back as an issue.

Why? Well, we apparently live in the age where this makes the news.

fox news

And apparently Fox News throws around words like “white” and “latina” around like candy.

Every year, the US media finds a new way to bring up the issue of race, and each year, the climate of fear they produce makes it difficult for people to talk about it. If racism wasn’t a big deal, then people could talk about race (not that anyone would want to) without it being blown out of proportion.

I believe that the real reason that racism is still a big deal in America is because the US media keeps perpetuating the issue of race, as well as perpetuating racist stereotypes. It’s gotten so bad, that when a crime is committed against someone of a different race, the media automatically assumes that the crime was racially motivated.

And of course, we have the many right-wing news outlets like Fox News and WorldNetDaily, who do nothing other than attack Obama’s credibility, based only on race. Whenever the issue of race comes up for them, they accuse Obama of using race to divide the nation.

In the issue of race, America has already been divided, by its own media outlets. Forgive me is this sounds like an insane conspiracy theory, but I think the major source of racial division in today’s America is the big bad media, and the politicians, let’s not forget them.

In order to keep the American population distracted from the real issues, the US media tries to divide Americans into “racists” and “non-racists” through sensationalist news stories. The politicians also contribute by playing the race card.

You know who else plays the race card? People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. How? They go around stirring up pointless controversy because the make their living by passing themselves off as the “official spokesmen for African-Americans”, therefore encouraging the dangerous idea that certain people should be treated differently.

al sharpton

At this rate, he must be a racist.

When the media and the politicians do things like this, the end up dumbing down America, and I think that’s what they want. A stupider America is an America that is increasingly unable to stop the system.

I have a feeling that maybe the issue of racism won’t be gone forever, not as long as the media looks to dumb us down and divide us based on something most people don’t really care about anyway. But when the media finally does leave this topic alone, then maybe the rest of us can bury the hatchet once and for all.


3 thoughts on “The real reason why racism is still a big deal in America today

  1. How are Al & Jesse stirring up controversy? You only hear from them when “white America” gets out of line #humormeplease

    • I didn’t say America judged Obama because of his race. If you read closely, I was referring to conservative news outlets such as WorldNetDaily and Fox News. In retrospect, however, this post is really outdated.

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