EDM: Popular, but terrible


Over the past four years, I’ve noticed that a certain kind of music has been dominating radios, music channels, and advertising. Yes, I’m talking about one of the worst forms of music I’ve ever heard: electronic dance music.

As is clearly obvious, I have a strong hatred for EDM, which to me is essentially another form of pop. Before you ask, I can explain. EDM literally doesn’t sound any different to contemporary pop, and carries the same shallow lyrical themes. My guess is that the only real difference is that regular pop music nowadays tends to occasionally incorporate rap vocals.

I’ve heard that EDM as we now it began in the 70’s, in the form of disco. That, I find to be quite hard to believe, because 70’s disco doesn’t sound remotely like today’s electronic crap. I’m not saying that disco was ever good (it totally sucks!), but I’m sure that compared to today’s EDM, it’s probably better.

I’ve also heard that fans use drugs like ecstasy to “enhance their enjoyment”. To me, this not only brings to mind the moral panic surrounding ecstasy and rave music in the 1980’s, but it also signals something else, that nobody really enjoys it. In fact, it’s probably so crappy, that it takes drug use to actually enjoy it.

Think about it for a moment. Every single song follows the same formula. There’s always the cliché female vocals with those same electronic beats. Also, it doesn’t require any talent whatsoever, which means that just about anyone can make it. That might not sound like a bad thing, but it means that we have talentless hacks polluting the music industry.

The music industry keeps trying to force this crap on us as though we have no musical tastes of our own. What about what we like? We need to decide for ourselves what we like and don’t like. If we did, then we probably wouldn’t pick mainstream popular music.

Besides, the whole EDM fad can only last for so long. Just like the boy bands, EDM and pop music are already mass produced by corporations, so it’s only a matter of time before this kind of music gets repetitive.


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