The Great Stupification

messages are everywhere

Idiocracy may have been a crappy movie, but it did have at least one point: humanity is getting dumber. Of course, there should be no problem in figuring out how this is happening.

As I previously mentioned back in January, television has become the mechanism with which higher powers aim to keep us from thinking. For this reason, governments will always support television, because its primary function is to make people docile (in the form of “entertainment”). Because we allowed TV to have a dominant position in our lives, we have set the great stupification of humanity into motion.

What do I mean? “The Great Stupification” refers to the gradual dumbing down of mankind through the use of the mainstream media, religion, politics, technology, and commercial messages. It’s gotten so bad that we have no defence against blatant scaremongering and deceit.

No one group of people have more to benefit from the stupification than the politicians, the people who want to convince you to vote for them. The truth is that in Western democracies, a large portion of the population has no idea what they’re voting for and what they really need, and politicians know that they can get something out of this, so rather than informing them about all this, they try to fish some votes out of use by using tantalizing promises as bait.

Nowhere is the effect of the stupification more apparent than reality television.

here comes honey boo boo

Pictured: Enemies of thought

TV seems to feed off what the people want, and thanks to decades of stupification by TV, which led to mankind’s exacerbated thirst for non-stop entertainment, we’ve become dumber. Either that, or we seem to have very low standards for what we want. Reality TV shows are poison for reason, intellect, and good judgement.

Even with how bad reality TV is, it’s somehow what people want, even if they have no entertainment value or substance. In a way, reality TV is just like the public hangings of old England.

Finally, let me turn my attention to the bombardment of messages we face in everyday life. Commercials are all around us, and each one is designed to deliver a hidden command (usually “buy now”), and Hollywood keeps delivering conflicting moral messages, all while the politicians keep trying to make us believe their crap.

Come to think of it, I think I’ve found a reason why democratic governments actually support capitalism, because capitalism not only allows stupification to happen, but it thrives on it. After all, if more people are gullible, then corporations will have more customers willing to buy things they don’t actually need, which puts more money in their pockets.

In conclusion, I think we need to be aware of the fact that we as a society and as a species are getting dumber as each generation passes, for we can only reach a solution once we admit that we have a problem. The sooner that happens, we can start getting off our asses and say no to all those who think they can exploit us.


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