Why the new series of Family Guy is a waste of time

into fat air

For us in the UK, the 11th season of Family Guy premiers on BBC Three tonight at 10pm, with two episodes on the same night. Assuming you’re reading this, I have one simple thing to ask. Don’t watch it.

Why? Because it’s going to be awful, just like season 10. Of course, I know that a lot of people will watch the new series anyway. So in order to convince you otherwise, I’m going to present a series of arguments explaining why the new series of Family Guy is a waste of time.

The writers are clearly running out of ideas

Every show runs out of ideas at some point, and this show is no exception. Of course, Family Guy’s time was already up, and the show had already entered it’s zombie age as the sounding board for Seth McFarlane’s (dumb) political and religious views. Using the Sky+ TV guide, I looked at the synopses for the first two episodes of the new season.

  • Episode 1, “Into Fat Air”: “The Griffins try to climb Mount Everest after Peter gets competitive with Lois’ ex.
  • Episode 2, “Ratings Guy”: “After the Griffins become a ‘Nielsen family’, everyone gets mad at Peter for convincing the networks to make changes to popular shows.

Is it just me, or are these some of the most uncreative episode plots I’ve seen this year? Not to mention, they took a minor character from the show’s classic era and turned him into a big deal. Knowing full well that I wouldn’t watch the new season anyway, I decided to take a look at some of the other plots.

For instance, “The Old Man and the Big C” is a conceited attempt to use the issue of cancer to demonize pharmaceutical companies, and make Brian look like a big hero. Never mind how pathetic he is. For one more example, “Friends Without Benefits” is merely an attempt to demonize Meg yet again, be depicting her as a vindictive b*tch who’s willing to drug her brother up, in order that he have gay sex with her ex-boyfriend (who she found out was gay).

It will be stale, repetitive, and completely soulless

Season 10 had the same overly HD animation as Season 9, along with the same awful voice acting. Another thing that will carry over is the repetitive, stale, unfunny, and often over-long gags.

I seriously think that the newer seasons of Family Guy should be re-classed as drama rather than comedy, considering some of the episodes from Season 10. Could it be that this “machine gun of comedy” has run out of ammo?

You’ll probably wonder why I just called it soulless? Well, Seth McFarlane may be the executive producer, but it seems like he doesn’t care about the show, and he probably doesn’t care about this season in particular. Also, the Fox network can hype the ever-loving crap out of it, but the fact of the matter is that in the newer seasons, many of the jokes are tired, and often they seem artificial.

Family Guy is going to die anyway

I’m sure many people agree that the big three animated sitcoms (The SimpsonsFamily Guy and South Park) are not as good as they used to be. With South Park, this is indicated by the increasing reliance on gory violence and increasingly hollow characters. With The Simpsons, it’s the over-saturation of guest stars, along with how incredibly old the show seems by now. With Family Guy, it’s indicated by:

  1. Excessive amounts of gory violence
  2. Meg getting more and more abused
  3. Drama (which has no place in comedy)

For Family Guy, the signs of the end are obvious. As I just said, it’s been increasingly reliant on violence as a shock gag, the jokes are getting stale, and if that wasn’t a sign, the Cleveland Show got cancelled. If that show got cancelled, then why stop there? American Dad could be the next to go, and when that happens, who do you think is next?

If you guessed Family Guy, then obviously you guessed correctly. It wouldn’t be a new thing, considering that Family Guy got cancelled before, due to low ratings. Sure, season 12 is going to air, but I have a funny feeling that that’ll be the last we see of Family Guy, because TV shows die anyway. That’s part of a TV show’s life cycle. Most of them come and go, but some are remembered and cherished for eternity. Family Guy, I hope, will not be so fortunate.


I didn’t really enjoy season 10, so I’m going to be smart, and stay away from season 11. The simple question is, if you didn’t enjoy season 10, would you really enjoy season 11?


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