Why Green Day is overrated

green day

Yes, I don’t like Green Day. Come to think of it, I’ve never liked Green Day at all, not even when American Idiot was new. When I was a kid, I thought they sounded indifferent to bands like Busted and McFly (which I hated back then).

While we’re on that subject, I heard Busted and McFly’s songs on various trailers, and I did hear some of Green Day’s songs, and I can say that Green Day sounds an awful lot like them. To explain the style that these three bands have in common, they all have a pop-like sound that appeals to the mainstream. They’re often called “pop punk” bands. Remember those two words: pop punk.

If that doesn’t sound good, then let me tell you, it isn’t. Pop punk is basically what happens when you fuse pop music with the sound and attitude of punk rock, usually to make punk rock more mainstream.

For me, Green Day has never been a true punk band. If you remember, they abandoned the punk scene to become a mainstream punk group, and have since become a radio-friendly band, henceforth establishing themselves as sell-outs.

To be fair, punk rock bands have always been corporate hacks. It’s been like this since The Sex Pistols emerged in the 70s’, and those guys were essentially a corporate band. Green Day, like The Sex Pistols, is now a corporate band whose style appeals to the lowest common denominator. They’re just like Busted or McFly, except they’re actually popular.


God I hate them so much.

Since American Idiot, Green Day has basically become the media’s darling of punk rock, with tons of merchandise, and a Broadway musical based on the American Idiot album.

By the way, you know you’ve sold out when you have a campy Broadway musical to your name. This, the numerous merchandise, and the pop-like sound makes basically makes them a corporate rock band, and as we all know, corporate rock is bad because it’s designed to appeal to idiots, parents, and the mainstream market.

I’m aware that a crap-ton of people actually like Green Day, but I’ve never cared about that. A lot of people like 1Direction, Justin Bieber and Olly Murs, and I still wrote a rant about them.

Overall, big corporations will always want a corporate rock band they can sponge off of. It’s how they make their money when they’re not supporting real artists. However, because Green Day pretends that they’re legitimate artists, and because of their popularity, I can’t let it pass. I’ve never liked bands like Green Day when I was a kid, but at least now I can articulate that hatred properly.


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